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2. You play dirty truth or dare...

Liam: You were at Harry’s 19th birthday party. One that the tabloids didn’t know about. At your house, and it was just you and the boys; your best friends. “So what does the birthday boy want to do on this special occasion?” You asked playfully. A wicked smile crossed the curly haired boy’s features as he winked at you. “Let’s play truth or dare!” he declared. You and the other five lads agreed, after all, it was Harry’s birthday. “Niall, truth or dare?” Louis asked, a smirk molding itself onto his lips. “truth…?” Niall declared nervously. No one dared to take a dare from Louis. Louis shot a quick wink in Liam’s direction, earning a rather concerned look from Liam. “Do you about anyone’s crush in this room? If so, who?” All the color drained from Liam’s perfect face. You had always had a crush on him, despite the fact you knew you could never be more than just friends. Niall knew something Liam didn’t want to be shared, but then again, Niall couldn’t be trusted with secrets…”Well, Liam has a crush…” Niall said, his eyes dropped to the ground, avoiding Liam’s disapproving stare. “On who?” Louis pressed. Liam’s eyes begged for Louis to stop, but verbal protest was being lacked. “(y/n).” Niall said quietly, but you heard him loud and clear, a jaw dropping statement. “Niall!” Liam scolded, his face, which was pale just a moment before, had taken on a rather light shade of red. Harry giggled from next to you. “I like this game…” Harry turned to you, the devilish look you had seen in Louis eyes had taken over the green orbs in Harry’s. “Truth or Dare, (y/n)?” Harry asked. You would do anything, just so you didn’t have to admit you liked Liam too. “Dare,” You said without hesitation. Harry’s smile only grew, popping the dimples in his cheeks. “I dare you to show Liam your skimpiest pair of underwear.” A blush had decided to creep up your neck and onto your cheeks, although it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. You untangled your legs from each other, standing up. Liam wordlessly followed suit, making his way down the hallway after you to your bedroom “Oh! you also have to model them for him!” Harry called after your disappearing frames. Zayn: “(y/n)! We’re playing truth or dare! come join!” Liam called to you in the kitchen. “k! just a sec!” You quickly finished up making your bowl of popcorn, greeting the boys in the kitchen where a friendly competition of truth or dare had begun to take place. “Niall’s turn!” Zayn declared. Niall smiled, braces on full display. “(y/n). truth or dare?” He slurred, obviously he already had some beers to accompany the 4 bowls of popcorn he had previously scarfed down. You raised an eyebrow, up for the challenge. “Dare.” Niall grabbed your arm, pulling you close to him so he could whisper something in your ear. His hot breath erupted in your ear as he spoke his dare to you. “I dare you to take off one article of clothing every time you and Zayn make eye contact.” You furrowed your eye brows together. “What the hell kind of dare is that?” You asked, earning curious looks from the rest of the boys who hadn’t heard Niall’s proposal. “A good one, now back to the game!” Niall giggled. The game went on and you tried your best to keep your eyes away from Zayn, but it was rather hard considering how fine he looked. But he also had major trouble keeping his eyes off of you. You had always had the slightest of crushes on him…which slowly developed into more. You lasted about a solid 5 minutes before your first eye contact with him was made. You hoped Niall hadn’t seen, so you wouldn’t have to be stripped of your favorite sweatshirt, but despite his slightly drunken state, he had seen. “Ah hem!” Niall urged, nudging your shoulder. You let out an exasperated sigh, coming to your senses about how clever his dare had been. “fine,” you huffed. And the stripping began… Niall: “Truth or dare?” Liam asked you. Despite Liam’s sweetness, he loved truth or dare. He loved getting people to admit their dirtiest of secrets, and he was rather good at it. So good, in fact, that you were second guessing your decision of telling him about your crush on Niall. “Truth,” you stated quickly. Liam had already gotten Zayn to strip down to nothing but his boxers, Louis admit that he has come across porn, and dare Harry into getting yet another tattoo. It was best to play it safe, you thought. The key is: you thought. “Alright, let’s see…” Liam trailed off, wracking his brain of an embarrassing truth you could share. “If you had to, out of us guys int he room,” You couldn’t help but glance around at the boys as you nervously awaited Liam’s question. “Who would you give a blow job to?” Your head snapped to meet Liam’s pleased gaze. Your eyes widened at his blunt question. “Dare.” You stated, although you knew it was too late. “nuh, uh uhhh!” Liam sang, wagging a finger. “Too late, my love.” You buried your face in the palms of your suddenly sweaty hands. “Oh my, God.” You mumbled, utterly embarrassed. Liam’s chuckle vibrated in the air from where he was perched. “Do I have to answer?” You gushed, in hope someone would pity you. But of course, they were guys, they were competitive.. and they were curiously awaiting your answer. “Yes, you do,” Harry giggled. Niall silently watched your cheeks redden, silently wishing to himself that it was his name that sat at the tip of your tongue. You rubbed your palms along your heated cheeks, almost as if they could wipe away the obvious color defined there. “Niall.” Louis: You were over at Louis and Harry’s flat as a welcoming home from their recent trip to the U.S. you three were in the middle of watching a movie when the power went out because of a storm that had erupted outside, leaving you to sit in the candlelit living room playing truth or dare. “Louis, truth or dare?” Harry asked, you resting your cheek in the palm of your hand. “Dare.” the dimples popped in his cheeks, a sparkle in his eye. Harry lent into Louis and whispered something in his ear. Louis eyes widened, locking on your own curious gaze. Harry pulled away with a smirk on his face. “What?” you questioned, curious to know what words Harry had exchanged with Louis. “Nothing,” Louis mumbled. “Truth or dare?” he asked you. you brushed off the thought of Harry’s dare to Louis, “Dare.” Louis jaw dropped, and he shot a nervous look at Harry who was smiling like a child who just stole a full pack of candy. Harry nodded his head once, encouraging him. Louis Tomlinson, the Louis Tomlinson was nervous about whatever Harry had told him. You had never seen Louis nervous before, giving you your own nerves. His eyes slowly made a trail from Harry to you, and he gulped. “I uh…” “Come on, mate!” Harry smiled. “We don’t have all night.” Louis’ eyes swam with embarrassment but also…excitement. “I dare you to give me a lap dance.” He said, earning an approving nod from Harry. Well, you knew what Harry’s dare was…now you had to deal with Louis’. Harry: you were playing truth or dare with one of your closest friends. Harry Styles. He and you were as close as close could be. Some people even thought you two were dating, although you weren’t, you both silently wished you were. You both had had a couple of drinks, leaving you both bubbly, and giggly, resulting in a rather interesting game of truth or dare. Both of you were way past drunk, and had very few articles of clothing on. Harry was in just his boxers, you were in a baggy t-shirt and your underwear. You hadn’t noticed Harry’s eyes traveling the length of your body, just like he hadn’t seen you do the same thing to him. The truth was, you wanted him. Just as bad as he wanted you. If it took a drunk game of truth or dare to push that limit, then so be it. “Truth or dare?” You giggled, taking a swig of your beer. “Pick dare,” you followed up in a whisper and a wink. Harry’s cheekiness got the best of him, “dare.” He noticed a sudden spark in your eye. A hint of lust, and unleashed curiosity. You crawled on your hands and knees over to Harry, your lips brushed his ear playfully. Tauntingly. You trailed your finger along Harry’s arm, your drunken mind not realizing how embarrassed you would be left in the morning. You would never have had the courage to dare Harry what you were about to if you had been sober. You licked your plump lips, the taste of alcohol still lingered on the tip of your tongue. “I dare you to show me what it’s like to be Harry Styles’ girl for the night,” You pulled back slightly to meet Harry’s eyes. They mirrored your own intentions, hunger for you had darkened the once bright eyes you had grown to love. His warm hand engulfed your own, pulling you both up right. “C’mon,”



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