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3. YOU cook together...

Zayn: ”Are you sure you know how to do this?” You inquired, placing your elbows down on the island to watch him stir an unknown brown substance. He turned to you with a playful scowl, reaching over to snatch the piece of paper printed off the Internet. “I followed this recipe! And, uh, it looks about right.” You slid off the bar stool, sauntering over to stand in front of him. Almost hesitantly, you lifted the wooden spoon from the pot, placing the very edge against your lips. A grimace passed over your features as you quickly dropped it, taking off at a quick pace toward the other room. “Where are you going?” He called, confusion lacing through his tone. “Ordering takeout!”

Liam: “Ow!” The knife slipped from your fingers, slicing over the soft pad of your index finger instead of the cherry tomatoes scattered across the cutting board.”Shit,” You cursed, dropping the knife and pulling your hand close to your chest in one fluid motion. A small drop of blood squeezed out of the straight cut, seeping onto your hand that was cradling it. “What’s wrong?” Liam burst out of the pantry, the box of rice in his hand quickly shoved onto the counter as he darted for you. “I cut myself,” You whined, turning to shove your bloodied finger out at him. “Babe,” He chuckled, slipping your injured hand into his. “I thought I was supposed to do the cutting. C’mon, let’s get you patched up.”

Niall: “I’m perfectly capable of doing this myself, you know,” You nudged Niall’s side with your elbow, passing two potatoes over to him. “Yeah, but I want to brag to your family that I helped,” He countered, smirking at you as he slipped the peeled vegetables from your fingers, placing it onto the cutting board. “These mashed potatoes are going to be the best thing anyone has ever tasted.” You giggled, reaching up to peck his cheek. “You look adorable in that apron and hat babe.” He wiped his hands on the white fabric, wiggling his eyebrows. “You like?”

Harry: “Uhm, so I just do it like this?” His eyebrows furrowed in concentration, tongue poking out of his cherry red lips. The incing bag wrapped tightly in his one hand, the other hand holding the chocolate cupcake you had baked hours earlier, he looked to you for confirmation on his actions. “Yeah, you have to squeeze it though for stuff to come out.” He stopped to shoot you a look, eyebrows lifting to his hairline. “Do I now?” You slapped his shoulder, suppressing your giggle, “Stop being an idiot and icing the damn cupcakes, Harry.”

Louis: “You do that, and I’ll fucking kill you,” You hissed, taking a step away from his quickly advancing figure. He smirked, scooping another handful of the brownie badder into his cupped hands. “You’re very threatening,” Were his final words before the cold batter was splattered across your chest and neck. You screamed loudly, wiping at your now ruined shirt. “You idiot!” He shrugged backing you up against the wall to attach his lips to the side of your neck. “Well I think you taste very sweet now.”







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