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7. He snaps at you...


Zayn: I watched as her face fell at my harsh words and sharp tone. She hesitantly took a step away from me, her chin falling to her chest, hair slipping over her shoulders to hang in front of her face. Shit. "Sorry," She mumbled under her breath, kicking her foot against the tile flooring, “I’ll just leave you alone." She turned on her heel, trying to scurry quickly away. I let out a sigh, stepping forward to capture her wrist before she could retreat. I used her wrist as leverage to pull her back into my chest, holding onto her waist with one arm. “I’m sorry," I apologized, pressing my lips to her flushed forehead. “I didn’t mean to snap."



Liam: "I-I’ll just leave you alone then," She stuttered out her words, stumbling as she tried to retreat backwards. Her innocent eyes trained on mine, her heartbroken facial expression prominent. Finally she whipped around on her heel, hand flying to cover her lips. “No, baby wait," I shoved myself to a standing position, rushing after her as her steps became quicker. Wrapping my hand around her upper arm, I managed to pull her to a stop, tugging her around into me. “I just had a long day," I mumbled, pressing my forehead on hers. “I’m sorry, love."



Harry: "Love?" I rapped on the door with the tips of my knuckles, pressing my ear up against the door. “C’mon babe, let me in please. I just was to talk to you." I didn’t mean to yell at her. I didn’t mean to be harsh with her. It kind of, well, slipped out. Frustration that I filtered through onto her. I heard shuffling within the room, the dull click on the lock sounding. As I slipped through the door, she turned to face me with arms crossed, her expression sour. “Are you in a better mood now?" She quipped, cocking an eyebrow. “I-" I cut myself short, shoving my hands into my pockets and nodding. “Yeah, I’m in a better mood. Sorry."


Niall: "Oh," Her hopeful expression fell, eyes darting down to her feet as she quickly became interested in her shoes. “I-I’m sorry. I’ll just leave you alone then.." My mouth parted to stumble out a quick apology, yet before I could mutter a word she’s was shuffling down the hallway toward our room. Running a hand through my hair, I let out a frustrated sigh, marching after her. I managed to catch the door before she disappeared inside, following her in. “I didn’t meant to yell," I stated as she climbed into the bed, tucking herself under the sheets. “Will you talk to me?" Her eyes peered over the sheets. “I’ll go get you ice cream?" A small giggle was muffled under the sheets as I matched her smile. “There’s my girl."


Louis: A small tear squeezed it’s way out of the corner of her eye, trailing down the soft skin of her cheek. She was quick to cover the evidence, using her index finger to swipe it away as she retreated away from me. Shit, I didn’t mean to make her cry! "Hey, wait," I rushed forward, catching her before she could slip away. I crushed her into my chest, cradling her head into my shoulder and resting my chin on her head. “I-I’m sorry," she bubbled, clutching onto my plain white shirt. "I’m the one that should be sorry, love," I soothed, holding her close. “Shh, don’t cry.."



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