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5. He rapes you...

JUST TO SAY IM ONLY GOING TO DO ZAYN AND HARRY. AND I KNOW THE BOYS WILL NEVER RAPE ANONE SO NO HATE PLA NO NEGATIVITY PLZ ONLY ZAYN AND HARRY IF TO MANY NEGATIVITY! NO HATE!___________________________________________________________________________________________________________He rapes you: Zayn and Harry’s

   Zayn- You just got into a fight with your boyfriend for 2 years Ryan.(random name).He cheated on you,and you just couldn't take the stress so you went to the club to get your mind of things.Your plan was to get a little drunk then call a cab to take you home..but something else happened.You were totally wasted sitting at the bar waiting for the bar tender when you felt muscular arms wrap around your waist.You then felt warm lips against your neck he probably gave you a hickey,but in a way you were enjoying it but you didn't want was coming next.Next thing you knew all your clothes were off and he was grinding on you,you tried to push him away but he wouldn't budge.You tried screaming but then you realized you were in a back seat of a car at 3am. You were really drunk so you couldn't see what he was doing clearly you could only see his face,next thing you knew his large size was in you,you started to moan and cry at the same time because in a way you wanted it but you didn't want him to know you were enjoying it so you bit your lips so the moans won’t escape your mouth.You were then wrapped In a blanket with his size still in you grinding until you were thrown out the car and he drove away you felt violated and wrong.But this didn't stop you from thinking,”I was just raped by the sexiest person alive”.



It was a dark stormy night and you were home alone and the power was out.You were lying in your bed waiting for your parents to come home you caught a glimpse of someone outside your bedroom window you thought none of it.But soon enough you got paranoid and you looked out again and saw a curly haired boy outside your window he looked up and smiled.You hid under your be as you heard the door open from down stairs.You heard footsteps and the next thing you knew you were pulled onto your bed and tied up and duct tape was over your mouth,within seconds h ic clothes were of to and he was walking towards you,at this point you knew what was happening you started to cry and was trying to scream but it was no use he hovered over you kissing all over your body.When he got down to your clit he looked up he saw that you were frightened so he crawled up to your neck and whispered,”the more you cry the harder this will be for you “,his deep British accent gave you chills but you quickly wiped away your tears.He kissed your cheek and hovered over you he told you to close your eyes and so you did.He stuck his large size into you giving you no time to adjust.he started to thrust hard in to you it made you moan but you refused to so you bit your lip.He took it out of you and he kept thrusting in and out.He finally and put on his clothes then yours he kept kissing you.You heard your front door open and footsteps coming up the stairs you figured it was your dad Harry gave you a peck on your lips and said, “I’ll see you again love”.He was cute but you were just raped?








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