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1. He doesn't want you to see him cry...

NOTE~ Y/N means your/name. 



Harry: “I’m home!” you yell, walking through the doorway. “They let us all off early, so I-” Your eyes fall on your boyfriend. He was hastily wiping his eyes and trying not to shake. “Hey, babe,” he says, his voice cracking at the end. “Harry?” You drop your purse on the floor and break into a run until you reach him. He tries to exit out of what he’s reading, but you put your hand over his. The words on the screen seem to scream out you. Harry Styles, Womanizer; Styles Strikes Again; Styles the STD Stud; Who’s next, Harry? The list of articles went on, and each seemed to convey the same message: MAN WHORE. “Y/N, I need to go…” He draws himself up and tries to move away. You press your hands against his chest, pushing him back into the chair. “This is all bullshit, do you understand?” You thumb away the tears Harry had tried so desperately to hide. “Complete and utter bullshit.” He leans against your fingers, and, closing his sore eyes, he nods. You kiss him gently. “Don’t listen to them. They don’t know what they’re talking about.” Harry manages a small smile and kisses you again. “Thank you, love.”

Niall: One minute he’s sailing through the air and the next, his entire body’s crashed against the grassy field. “Niall!” You rush to kneel next to him. “I’m fine, I’m fine..” He turns away, hiding his face in his arms. “Baby,” you say, gently turning his chin to you. A few unshed tears make his blue eyes glitter. “I-it hurts.” For once, Niall’s big Irish voice is quiet and shy. “Where?” you ask, as if he was a tiny child that scraped his knee. “Everywhere.” Brushing some fly away strands of hair from his forehead, you start kissing all the tiny cuts and bruises. “Don’t hide from me, Niall,” you whisper as you trail your lips to his ear. He rests his head in the crook of your neck, letting a few tears splash on your skin. “I want to help you.”

Louis: The sound of sobbing greets you as you enter your flat. Concerned, you pick up your pace and walk-run into the bedroom. “Louis?” He bolts up from his fetus position. “Y/N! You’re not supposed to be b-back yet…” “The plane trip tomorrow was canceled. What’s wrong?” You sit down next to him, and while he rubs at his eyes, he says, “Nothing. I’m okay.” Your hands tug his down until they settle in his lap. Louis’ eyes, blood-shot and red rimmed, speak another story. “Lou,” you whisper. “I need you to open up to me.” His silence stabs at your heart. “Please, Louis! You don’t know how much it hurts to see you like this. I know you aren’t used to it, but please… Just let me in.” In that moment, something inside him breaks and renews. He shoves himself into your arms, letting out all of the pain and insecurity hidden behind retorts and smirks, crying until he’s haggard and out of breath. But when he looks up at you once he’s done, it isn’t a broken man you see. It’s someone who looks like he’s found hope.

Zayn: “I hate you,” you hear from down the hall. “You’re worthless, and you’ll never be good enough for anything!” Your sleepy eyes flicker to the clock beside your bed. 3:51 AM. What the heck? Shielding your eyes against the bright light, you stumble out of your bed and  find Zayn leaning over the sink. Tears fly like buckets of rain. Swallowed in his self-hate, he fails to see you as you slowly walk up behind him. “Worthy,” you say. Your arms circle around his waist. He stiffens, but doesn’t try to look at you, doesn’t want you to see his face. “Amazing at everything, always better than what you see yourself as….” You move so that you can look him in the eyes. “You should love yourself, because the world does. And I do too.” You kiss away his tears, pulling him close. Zayn latches onto you and doesn’t let go until he’s safe asleep.

Liam: “NO!” The deep shout jolts you awake. Liam twists and turns beside you, grimacing, a cold sheen of sweat making his skin glisten. Tears stream down his face like rivers of agony. “Liam,” you whisper. “Liam, wake up!” As you shake his shoulders, his eyes begin to flutter open. He whirls around, still terrified by his nightmare and ashamed that you’d seen him in the midst of it. “I’m… I-i’m just going to go-” “No.” You grab his wrist and keep him in place. Liam can easily rip out of your grasp, but your next words somehow immobilize him. “Crying is okay, Li. You don’t have to be ashamed of it.” He turns back to you. His brown eyes seem unsure, hesitant, but he crawls back into bed and folds himself against your body. “Are you sure?” he asks after a while. You smile and kiss his lips. “Yes.”







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