A spin-off of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.


1. One.

"Lilac," my human called for me. My head turned, contemplating going to her. I decided not to, and turned back to the beautiful scene in front of me.

I was staring into the woods. The light cast from the moon snuck through the branches of the trees, lighting up the forest floor in various spots.

'All I want is to be free. I want to leave this place and go into the wild!'

I jumped down, off the fence I was perched on, and onto the forest floor. I landed on the ground with a crunch, as I crushed the leaves below my black paws.

My head turned as I heard something scampering through the trees around me.


I sunk down, my belly-fur brushing the forest floor, my tail straight as an arrow. As I crept through the underbrush, I spotted the tiny brown creature, nibbling on a nut on the ground, a pool of moonlight covering his tiny body. I placed one careful paw in front of the other. Slowly, carefully, I slithered along the ground, toward my target. I pounced, but, right before I could get my paws on the little creature, I was knocked away, and the mouse scurried away.

I jumped up, panting and furious, to glare at my attacker. A white tom cat stared calmly back at me. "Who do you think you are, mousedung!?"

"I should be asked you that, trespasser."

"Wha? Trespasser? You don't own the forest!"

"No, but my clan owns this part of the forest."


"Yes, kittypet. Clan. LightClan, to be exact."

I scoffed. "With the way you knocked me off my feet, you shouldn't be in this so-called "LightClan," or whatever."

He growled. Obviously, I had made him angry. "What? Concerned about your weight, Tubby?" I smirked, enjoying seeing him so angry.

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