Tom Boy

Alysson is the schools Tom boy while her best friend Taylor is the total opposite. When superstar Justin Bieber attends Stratford High School, things turn out to be different at the end. (New story)


2. Two New Kids

"Alysson get your ass up!" Oh there's that wonderful voice coming from my mother's mouth every morning. Just kidding, it's fucking annoying as hell but I still love her. 

"Mmm five more minutes." I groaned placing a pillow over my face. 

"No Ally you're going to be late for school and if you get late again you're going to get in trouble." She took the pillow from my head and tossed it to the side. I took one yawn until I got up and got in the shower. I washed my hair then my body then stepped out. I had one towel wrapped in my hair and another around my body. I went in my room and chose out my outfit. I put on baggy jeans and an oversized sweater with a skull in the front along with my Jordans. I brushed my long brown wavy hair that reaches just above my hips and put it in a messy bun covering it with a grey beanie. I'm not like most girls, you see? I don't wear tight ass jeans that make my butt look big or shirts that show too much cleavage or wear a shit load of makeup. I'm a Tom boy, basically. This happened after my older brother Derek was killed in a car accident after driving drunk. I started to wear his clothes which only felt like his presence was still here with me. He means the world to me and everyday I miss him more and more. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard loud knocking on my door. 

"Ally hurry up, moms waiting!" My twelve year old brother, Danny called.

"Coming!" I got my purple backpack and my phone and headed out. I walked downstairs where my mom and my little brother and sister were waiting for me. 

"Finally." I heard Danny mumble under his breath. I shot him a death glare and he raised his hands as in surrender. 

"Alwy." My four year old little sister, Mia, came up to me wrapping her arms around my legs. I picked her up and kissed her on the cheek. 

"Hey cutie pie." I said back smiling at her. 

"Well I'm off to work, Alysson I'll be working late tonight so you'll need to pick up Danny and Mia after school." She reminded me. 

"Can I bring Taylor over?" I asked taking an apple from the counter and taking a bite from it. 

"I guess so, but I don't want you going out. If you do, take your brother and sister." I rolled my eyes and agreed. I heard my phone ringing and saw the caller ID. 

"Hello?" I answered. 

"Hey girl guess who's coming back for senior year?" Taylor asked excited over the phone. 

"I don't know, who?" I asked curiously. 

"THE Justin Bieber." She screamed over the phone making my ears drum. I didn't see anything special in that kid. I didn't like him whatsoever. 

"Oh." Was all I said. I got my car keys and went out. 

"Why aren't you excited?" She asked. I can already picture her with a puzzled look on her face. 

"I don't see anything special in that kid." I shrugged. I waved bye to my mom and got in my car. "Anyways, I'm on my way to pick you up so you better be ready, I cannot afford another tardy." I hated school so much. Not just because of the boring ass teachers, but because I get bullied for the way I dress. Taylor was the total opposite of me. She likes all these girly things that annoy the fuck out of me. 

"I am, I'm waiting for you." She said. I hung up and pulled up at her house five minutes later. I saw her walk out wearing light blue skinny jeans, with beige heels and a white blouse making her boobs stick out carrying a Michael Kors bag in her hand and her backpack around her shoulder. She said bye to her mom who waved to me. I didn't really like her mom since I was the opposite of what her daughter was and she always gave me dirty looks. 

"Hey." Taylor hopped in. I kept staring at her outfit and then looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "What?" She hissed.

"You look like a whore with that shirt." I told her. She rolled her eyes and laughed. 

"Shut the fuck up and just drive." She flipped her long blonde hair, that was pinned straight, back. We arrived at school and a ton of girls were crowded. 

"Oh my god, he's here!" Taylor exclaimed. She got out the car running towards the crowd. I rolled my eyes and turned off the engine getting out. 

"JUSTINNNNN!" I heard the girls scream. Some were even crying. I spotted Taylor and went up to her. Right then the bell rang. Thank goodness, these girls were getting fucking annoying. Teachers came and escorted everyone out. I went to my locker. I looked at Taylor who kept wrapping her gum around her finger, sticking out her boobs leaning against the locker. I followed her eyes to what she was looking at when I saw Justin staring at her. He winked at her and then looked at me and made a disgusted face. His friends Ryan and Chaz whispered something in his ear making him laugh out loud. He walked over to us and wrapped his arms around her waist. 

"What's your name beautiful?" He said. God, he's such a flirt. 

"Taylor." She replied wrapping her arms around his neck. He was about to kiss her when I slammed my locker shut really loud making both of them jump. 

"Ally." Taylor hissed. I laughed. 

"What's so funny huh?" Justin spoke up taking a step towards me. I have to admit he has really pretty eyes. Stop it Ally. 

"Oh nothing, just how you're about to kiss my best friend when you just met her." I started laughing again. 

"Well look at her, she's beautiful." He turned to her giving her a smirk. He then looked at me. "And you? You look like you just came out of a cows ass." He laughed. Ouch, that hurt. 

"Taylor?" We always defended each other and this time she didn't. She just shrugged. 

"You're fucking kidding me right?" I whisper-yelled. She looked at me confused. "You always defend me, but since this asshole had to come you don't do shit?" I felt my blood boil and my anger rise. What the fuck is wrong with her? 

"Sorry Ally." She looked down at her shoes. 

"Whatever." I walked off to class trying hard not to let the tears slip then I heard Justin say something else. 

"I can't believe a pretty girl like you talks to a girl like that... Or if she's even a girl." I heard Taylor's laugh. They walked away with their arms linked together. I walked in class and took a seat in the back. I noticed a new girl sitting next to me and saw she had her head hung low. 

"Hey are you new here?" What kind of stupid question is that? Of course she is. She nodded and still kept staring at her hands. 

"Oh.. I'm Alysson, but you can call me Ally for short." I waited for her to response but got nothing. "And you are?" I asked. 

"Danielle." She sweetly smiled and finally looked up at me. 

"Nice to meet you." I took out my hand to shake with hers. 

"You too." She spoke more louder and clearer. I saw Justin and Taylor walk in together laughing with Ryan and Chaz behind them. The whole class turned to them and Taylor's face immediately turned red. Justin kissed her cheek and walked to the other side of the class towards the back. Mrs. Aguilar came in placing her coffee on her desk before turning to us. 

"Good morning everyone." She said in joy. 

"Good morning." The whole class said already with boredom in their tones. 

"We have a two new students this Monday morning, everyone please welcome Danielle Meyers and Justin Bieber." They all clapped while I sat there in annoyance. 

"Alright today I will be assigning a project to you all." The class groaned over the news. "It will be half of your semester grade." Groan. "You will be working in partners." Cheer. "But I will choose them for you." Groan. I crossed my fingers and prayed that I wouldn't get chosen with someone stupid like Justin, Chaz, or Ryan and even Taylor. I was in my own thoughts when I heard Justin's name. 

"Justin Bieber and...." Please don't let it be me, please don't let it be me. I said in my head. "Taylor Hills." A sigh of relief rushed out through me, but at the same time annoyance. I glared at Taylor and Justin who both gave each other a hug.

"And last, Alysson Montez and Danielle Meyers." I looked at Danielle who gave me a small smile. 

"At the end of class I will give you your topics." For another hour she talked and talked about Edgar Allen Poe and his mysterious stories he wrote. I was in the back of the class where she couldn't see me so I decided to take a nap. I rested my head on my arm when I felt a paper hit my face. I opened it and saw it had a guys handwriting in it that read "Moooo." 

"Assholes." I murmured to myself. I heard the three gay lords laugh and even Taylor. I rolled my eyes and just shook it off. 

"Psss." I heard a little whisper. I turned to the left and saw Danielle staring at me. "Why are they bothering you?" She asked. 

"Long story." She nodded and continued listening to the lesson. The bell rang and me and Danielle headed off towards the teachers desk to get our topic. We both received the envelope that read "William Shakespeare." 

"So when should we start?" asked Danielle. 

"How about today at my house? I have to babysit my little brother and sister." I gave her a reassured smile. 

"Okay." She pulled out a sticky note and a pen and wrote something down. "Here's my number to contact me." She put her pen back in her purse. 

"You want to go with me after school to get Starbucks then straight to my house?" I asked. 

"Sure." She responded. 

"Alright, see you later." I said good bye and headed out. I turned to the left and saw Justin and Taylor making out. Seriously, he just met her and he's already going down her throat. I ignored them and kept on walking. 

"Alysson!" I heard Taylor call me. 

"Yeah?" I turned on my heels rolling my eyes. 

"Sorry about earlier... You know with the Justin thing." Justin who was holding her hand looked at me up and down and gave me another disgusted look. "Can I come over after school?"

"No, I'm working on the project with Danielle after school." I instantly replied catching her by surprise. 

"It's alright babe, you can come over to my place." Justin said. Taylor bit her lip and nodded. 

"Awe that's so cute, what are you guys gonna do? Have sex?" I had a disgusted tone in my voice along with sarcasm. 

"Can you shut the fuck up?" He growled. 

"Justin!" Taylor hissed smacking his arm.

"Listen I'm sorry, alright?" She repeated. I nodded and she pulled me into a bear hug and walked away with Justin.


"What do you want?" I asked Danielle who was sitting in the passenger seat. We were at Starbucks ordering our drinks. 

"Vanilla Bean." She said. 

"Yes we'll have one vanilla bean and one caramel frappe please." I said taking out money out of my purse. 

"What size?" The lady asked. 

"Medium for both." She told us the total and told is to drive forward and did her stuff on the computer. I handed her the money and we sat there waiting for our orders. 

"So where did you come from?" I asked Danielle who was on her phone. 

"Rhode Island." I nodded and turned to the window where they were giving us our drinks.

"Thank you." I smiled and took a sip out of my frappe. 

"Why did you move?" I asked her. 

"My parents got divorced and we went to court and they sent me over here to live with my mom, and I'm glad I did. I hatemy dad." She looked down at her hands. I knew it was something hard to talk about, so I changed the subject. 

"Any siblings?" I felt my phone vibrate in the back of my jeans. I took it out and saw Taylor had texted me. 

From: Tay-bitch (;
On my way to your house. 

I was confused. I thought she was hanging with Justin? 

"One older brother. He's a senior at school." She smiled. 

"Aren't you a senior as well?" I asked taking another sip. 

"I'm a graduating junior." I wish I could've left school early. 

"Oh." Was all I said. "I need to pick up my little brother and sister before we go home, is that okay?" 

"Sure." She smiled. "So can I ask why you dress like that?" She said staring at my clothes. She was like Taylor, the opposite of me. 

"My brother got in a car accident and passed away two years ago, so I dress like him cause I feel like I'm closer to him this way. Nobody know only my parents and Taylor." She nodded and looked out the window. 

"I lost a younger brother because of cancer so I know how hard it is to lose someone." I had arrived to the school and picked up Mia and Damny who were waiting for me as well with other kids waiting for someone to pick them up.

"Hey Ally who's your hot friend?" Danny asked. I looked through the mirror and gave him an evil stare while he just smirked.

"You're so gross." I stated. I heard Danielle laugh at his remark. "Sorry about him." She nodded. 

"She's just jealous cause I'm more special in the family." He said with a cocky attitude. 

"Special Ed." I mumbled under my breath and only Danielle heard since she started laughing and I joined with her.

"Did I miss something?" Danny asked totally confused making us laugh harder.

"Nothing idiot." I drove back to the house and saw Mia had fallen asleep on the way back. I picked her up and took her up to her room and tucked her in bed. I went downstairs and caught Danny pulling cheesy moves on Danielle like yawning and stretching his arms out and placing it over her shoulder. I rolled my eyes and walked to him. 

"What are you doing?" I asked him in a loud voice catching him off guard. 

"Shit Ally, you scared the crap out of me." He placed a hand over his heart being so dramatic.

"That explains the smell." I scrunched up my nose and placed a my index finger under it. 

"Shut up." He rolled his eyes and made his way upstairs.

"You guys are so hilarious." Danielle said laughing her ass off. 

"Haha alright lets do this stupid project I don't even want to do." I said with dread in my voice.

"Wait you live in this neighborhood?" Danielle asked. 

"Yeah, why?" I reached over to the coffee table and took another sip of my frappe finishing it. 

"I live right across!" She exclaimed. 

"Oh my god! Seriously!?" 

"Yeah! Hold up I'm going to go home and get into something comfortable since we're going to work on it for awhile." She got up and left. I went upstairs and changed into sweatpants and a tank top and took off my beanie and left my hair in a messy bun. I heard someone walk in the house. 

"Alysson?" I heard Danielle call after me. 

"I'm upstairs!" I grabbed my laptop and went down. 

"Hey." I said placing the laptop of the coffee table. It was 5 o'clock when we had started and it was 9 already. 

"So the girl who was in the back with Justin... She's your best friend?" I nodded.  I remembered Taylor texting me she was coming over and noticed she never did. She's probably doing her "project" with Justin. 

"Yeah." She mouthed oh and looked away. She seems suspicious. "Why?" 

"Well after school when you were putting your stuff away in your locker I was making my way over there and saw Justin and her talking to you so I stood there waiting for them to finish and then when they left I kinda overheard Justin tell your friend..." She paused and then looked at me letting me know if she should go on, I nodded in response. "He said you're pathetic and why does she hang out with you and she said she was only pretending to be your friend." She bit her lip nervously. I was shocked. I didn't want to believe it but the way Taylor acted today when Justin was throwing me insults seemed like she didn't care. 

"I think I'm going to head home now, I'm so tired." Danielle said yawning breaking the silence. 

"Yeah I'm getting tired as well." We said good night and gave each other a hug. 

"See you tomorrow!" She said walking out. I waved bye and shut the door. I went upstairs and walked into Mia's room where she was watching tv on her bed. 

"Mia go to sleep!" I said shutting the tv off. 

"I'm not tired!" She pouted slamming her hands on the bed.

"Be right back." She nodded and I went to my brothers room who was sound asleep. Thank goodness. The whole time me and Danielle were working on our project he kept creeping on us. I shut the door and went back to Mia's room. 

"Can you read me a bedtime story?" She asked.

"I would love to but I'm really tired." She pouted and nodded her head in a sad way. 

"Come sleep with me." I took out my hand which she then placed her own. We went to my room and she jumped on my bed. 

"Good night Mia." I said placing a kiss on her cheek wrapping my arm around her petite body. 

"Night sissy." She smiled and drifted off to sleep. 



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