Tom Boy

Alysson is the schools Tom boy while her best friend Taylor is the total opposite. When superstar Justin Bieber attends Stratford High School, things turn out to be different at the end. (New story)


3. Plan

Alysson's POV 

I woke up feeling something slap my stomach. I fluttered my eyes open getting used to the light and saw Mia sitting beside me hitting me. 

"Mia?" I asked my voice coming out like a whisper. She giggled and pointed towards the clock. Seven fifteen. Shit. I got up and quickly showered and got dressed. I put on sweats and a Asking Alexandra t-shirt. I put my Jordan's on and my hair pulled up covered by a beanie. It was 7:45 and said bye to my mom and headed out.


"Ally!" I turned around and saw Danielle coming towards me. 

"Hey." I smiled greeting her with a hug. 

"Have you heard?" She asked immediately. 

"Heard what?" I opened the school doors and everyone was in a crowd. 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Was all I heard. I pushed past people and saw Justin and Taylor together. I saw her nod and give him a kiss. Gross. I got out of the crowd. 

"Who would date that ego-head?" I rolled my eyes. 

"Tons of girls." Danielle replied rolling her eyes as well.

"You don't like him either?" I raised my eyebrow. 

"I like his music just not him." I laughed a little and went to my locker. 

"You have the pin drive right?" I asked Danielle. She nodded and held it up. "Good cause she's letting us work on our project and I just want to get it over with." The bell rang and we all went to class. I sat next to Danielle and again Taylor and Justin come in laughing with Ryan and Chaz tagging behind. 

"Hey Alysson." Since when does Taylor call me by my full name. 

"Uhh hey Taylor." I gave her a fake smile. Justin whispered in her ear making her laugh. They sat in the back like yesterday. 


"Finally lunch, I was starving." I got in line and paid for my pizza and fries along with a water bottle. I sat down and started stuffing my face. 

"Did you not have breakfast?" Danielle asked taking piece of lettuce from her salad and stuffing it in her mouth. I shook my head taking a mouthful of pizza in my mouth. 

"Hey Fat Albert." I turned around and saw Justin smirking at me. I wiped my mouth and spoke. 

"Hey asshole." I rolled my eyes taking a sip of my water. Taylor gave me a death glare and I just laughed. 

"Seriously Ally you're attitude is getting annoying." She said crossing her arms. I felt my mouth hung open a little making it close again. 

"You know what's getting annoying? You acting like whore but I never tell you shit." A crowd was staring to form around us. I felt a thousand eyes on us wanting more. 

"You're just jealous cause I'm dating Justin Bieber, the pop teen sensation while you've never had a boyfriend cause you're dressed like one." Ryan, Chaz and Justin started laughing as long as the the rest of the school. I felt tears forming in my eyes. 

"Awe is the schools Tom boy crying?" She started laughing sarcastically. "Pathetic." She whispered in my ear. I grabbed my water bottle and dumped it all over her making her mascara smear making her scream. 

"Awe is the clown upset that I dumped water over her?" I made a frown face making it seem like I felt bad for but I didn't give a fuck whatsoever. I got up and right when I was about to walk away I felt a strong grip around my wrist making me turn to them. Then next I felt a sting on my cheek. I thought it was Taylor..

"Don't you ever pour water on my girl again, got it?" Justin said with the hand he had slapped me with still in the air. I nodded. "Good girl." I grabbed my backpack and ran out of there as quickly as possible. I went to the restroom and locked myself in the stall. I heard the door open and a little voice call my name. 

"Ally you in here?" It was Danielle. I opened the stall and stepped out. She saw me and pulled me in a hug. 

"I'm so sorry." I hate it when people tell me that. It makes me cry even more. I placed my head on her shoulder getting her shirt wet with my tears. 

"I know a way to get her back." She said. I gave her a confused look. 

"Let me guess you want me to dress like a girl and give me a makeover?" I laughed at the idea. I looked at her with a huge smile and saw she wasn't kidding. 

"Alright, when do we start?" I asked. 

"Right now." She clapped her hands.

"But we have class." I reminded her. 

"Fuck class lets go!" She took my arm and pulled me with her. "Did you bring your car? My brother dropped me off so I don't have one." I nodded and lead her out to where my car was parked. She quickly got in the passenger side while I took the drivers. 

"Calm down." She was shaking in her seat. She laughed at my comment. 


We pulled up at a hair salon first. 

"Danielle sweetheart, how are you?" A lady around thirty asked. 

"I'm good, listen my friend here is gonna have a makeover." The lady looked at me and nodded. 

"Right this way." She took me to where they paint your hair. She took off my beanie and let my hair loose. "I love your hair." She smiled. 

"Thanks." She told me to sit down while she went to go get the stuff. "How do you know her?" I asked Danielle who was currently on her phone. 

"She's my moms sister her name is Rachel." Rachel then came back with the supplies and placed them next to me. 

"I'm going to paint your tips a caramel brown and leave the top your natural hair color." I nodded and let her to the job. After forty minutes she rinsed my hair and told me to look in the mirror. For a second I didn't recognize myself. 

"I love it thank you so much Rachel." I kept playing with my hair. 

"Anytime sweetie." Danielle paid and we left to the mall. We shopped many stores and we took a break at Starbucks. 

"Six o'clock." I heard Danielle say. I turned around and Taylor and Justin walked in together. I put my beanie on and they approached us.

"What'd you buy, more Jordans?" Justin laughed. I ignored him and took a sip out of my coffee. 

"C'mon Juju she's not worth it." Taylor said with a smirk across her face. They ordered their drinks and once they were about to leave Taylor dumped her frappe on me. 

"Payback is a bitch, isn't it?" She threw away the cup and took Justin's hand. Danielle helped me clean myself up and we left home. 

"Don't worry, we'll show her who's better tomorrow." Danielle said. I honestly couldn't wait to see Taylor's face tomorrow. She was right, payback is a bitch. 

Justin's POV

"Get over here now." Scooter said hanging up the phone. 

"What's wrong baby?" Taylor asked soothing my leg. 

"My manager Scooter wants to talk to me." She pouted and looked down at her shoes. I lifted up her chin with my finger and pecked her lips. I could taste her coconut lipgloss. Gross I hate coconut. "I'll see you tomorrow at school." She nodded and gave me another kiss then gave me a hug. I walked out and headed to the studio. 


"What the hell is this?" Scooter said throwing a magazine on the table. I looked at it and in the front shows Taylor spilling her Starbucks drink on that loser, Alysson, and me laughing at her. 

"What about it?" I asked going over to the mini fridge we had taking a water bottle out. 

"You're girlfriend spilled coffee on this girl and you're over there laughing your ass off!" He exclaimed. I looked over to my mom who had a disappointed look on her face. 

"That bitch spilled water on my girlfriend at lunch today! She deserved it!" I yelled. 

"JUSTIN DREW BIEBER YOU DO NOT CALL A GIRL A BITCH!" My mom yelled back me. I rolled my eyes. 

"Well she is one." I mumbled under my breath.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Her face went from white to red. 

"Nothing." I gritted through my teeth. 

"I want you to break with her, she is nothing but trouble." Scooter said pointing at me. 

"How the fuck is she trouble?" I asked. 

"Don't use that tone with me." I rolled my eyes. "She's making you look bad and you know how the media is right now. They'll do anything to tear you down and there you are letting them by laughing at a girl who was spilled with coffee." 

"Like I said that bit-girl spilled water on her at school today." I repeated. 

"I don't care I don't want you with that girl." My mom said taking me by surprise. "There has to be a reason why she dumped her water on her." She was right. Taylor was making fun of her. I nodded and looked down having guilt build up inside me. 

"There you go." She patted my shoulder and gave me a hug. 

"Sorry guys, I'll break up with her tomorrow." They nodded. 

"Sorry kid, I just don't want the media to say more bad news about you." Scooter said leaving the room. I went home and thought about how I was gonna break up with Taylor. Then I realized I only dated her cause she was hot. I always date girls by their appearance and I end up breaking up with them soon after cause they all just want me for my money or my fame. Then I remembered what Taylor said about me.

"You're just jealous cause I'm dating Justin Bieber, the pop teen sensation while you've never had a boyfriend cause you're dressed like one." I remember seeing hurt flash through her eyes while they were being filled up by her tears. I also felt bad when I slapped her but I had to remain like I didn't care. I didn't want my reputation down the drain on the second day of school. 

I took a shower and checked my twitter before drifting off to sleep.


"Hey babe." Taylor approached me. She grabbed both sides of my face and kissed me. 

"Listen Tay I need to talk to you about something." I bit my lip nervously. 

"Sure baby, what about?" I know she knows something is up by the way she's looking at me. The way her blue eyes were looking at my caramel eyes made me melt. I couldn't do this. 

"Never mind." I looked down at her lips and started kissing her. I licked her bottom lip and our tongues started fighting for dominance. Shit Justin what are doing? My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the doors open and everyone turning to the direction. I let go of Taylor and saw who came in. 

Oh my god....


Will Justin break up with Taylor? 

What will him and Taylor think of Alysson's new appearance?

Sorry for the long wait, I have to update from my phone since my laptop messed up... AGAIN. -.-

~foreverkidrauhl <3 

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