Tom Boy

Alysson is the schools Tom boy while her best friend Taylor is the total opposite. When superstar Justin Bieber attends Stratford High School, things turn out to be different at the end. (New story)


6. Facing Him

Alysson's POV

The weekend had passed by so fast I didn't realize it was already Monday. I got up an stretched my arms on my way to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw a pimple starting to form. 

"Crap." I mumbled. I washed my face and went to my closet to get my clothes out. I showered last night so I didn't worry about it in the morning. I picked out white skinny jeans that were a little torn. I decided to dress like my old self but at the same time be the new me, so I put on a maple leafs jersey that had the sleeves cut off and my black vans on along with my Brooklyn snapback. I straighten my hair and applied make up. Especially on that hideous mountain growing on my face. I looked like a girl with swag on, but I hate the word 'swag' so lets just say back to my old name 'Tom boy'. I heard a car beep outside. I grabbed my bag and my phone and went out. Oliver had picked me up since he offered and I gave in after saying no so many times. I locked the door since my parents and my little brother and sister had left already. I put my stuff in the back of the car and got in the passenger seat. 

"Hey." I said closing the door. 

"Hey you." He replied poking my arm. I giggled and put my sunglasses on since the sun was hitting my face.

"So ready for today?" He asked taking a glimpse of me. I nodded. 

"Born ready." I winked at him. We arrived at school and Oliver helped me out and grabbed my bags from the back. We locked our fingers and got glares from everyone. We walked by Taylor and Justin, who didn't look so happy. I smiled to myself as we got inside the building. 

Justin's POV

What happened on Friday kept replaying. Kissing Ally wasn't like kissing a dead fish. I felt a bolt of electricity go through us even if it was a half a mili-second kiss. Kissing Taylor is like kissing a dead fish. I tried to apologize to her but she never returned my calls or replied to my texts. I kept leaving her voicemails and got nothing. 

"Justin hurry up you're going to be late for school!" I heard my mom yell. I walked downstairs and gave her kiss on the cheek and said bye. I got in my car and remembered I had to pick up Taylor. I honked once I arrived and saw her coming out in her slutty self. I rolled my eyes. I hate when girls try so hard to look good. 

"Hey baby." She said getting in she leaned forward trying to kiss me but I moved my head so she kissed my cheek instead. 

"Hey." The car ride to school was silent. We got there and I let her get out on her own. I tried to escape from her but she followed me. 

"What's the rush?" I heard her heavy breathing. I just shook my head. I heard tires screech getting my attention. A black mustang with blue rims on the wheels came. I kept staring at it trying to look inside who it was. The guy I saw at the library came out walking over to the other side. Ally came out of the car and the guy handed her her stuff and grabbed her hand. They walked past us smiling at each other. I felt my blood starting to boil inside of me and my heart beating faster. 

"Lets go." I grabbed Taylor's arm and pulled her with me. 

"Ow Justin you're hurting me." I rolled my eyes not letting go of her arm. 

Alysson's POV 

I was currently making out with Oliver against his locker. It was right across of Justin's so that's why we decided to kiss here. I heard someone gag and I looked to see that it was Justin. I rolled my eyes and brought Oliver's lips back to mine. 

"When you two are done sucking both your faces I need to talk to you Ally." I ignored him and continued doing what I was doing. He made an 'ugh' noise and left. The bell rang and we released both out of breath. 

"See you later." He winked before leaving. 


School was a drag. Justin kept trying to talk to me but I ignored him the whole day. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. 

"Stop calling Justin I don't want to talk to you." I growled. 

"Oh snap." Danielle said over the phone. I laughed.

"Sorry I thought you were Justin." I replied. 

"It's cool, hey can I come over? There's suppose to be a storm today and everyone is gone and I'm scared." I started laughing but I said yes. A few minutes later she came back with a blanket, a pillow and other things. I raised my eyebrow as in questioning her why she brought of of this. 

"I'm spending the night, if you don't mind." She smiled at me. I am a little bit scared of thunderstorms so I let her. We put in a movie in and halfway thunder roared making the house shake a little.

"Ally." I heard Mia come down. 

"Hey Mia what's wrong?" I asked bending down so I was at her height. 

"I'm scared." She pouted. I took her in my arms and went back to couch and sat next to Danielle. She laid down in my arms and started to fall asleep. 

"Hey Ally have mom and dad called?" Danny asked coming out of the kitchen taking a bite from his sandwich. 

"Yeah they said they weren't going to be home until the storm passed." He nodded and went back upstairs. "Don't leave your trash up there!" I yelled. 

"I won't I promise!" He shouted back. My arms were falling asleep since Mia was on them. I heard the doorbell ring making me jump. 

"Who the hell is that?" Danielle asked looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders and got up. 

"Can you take her to her room while I answer the door? It's right across from mine." She nodded. I handed her Mia carefully so she wouldn't wake up. Once I saw she was upstairs I opened the door. Justin was standing there soaking wet. The rain was pouring hard that you could barely see anything. 

"What are you-" I didn't get to finish before he smashed his lips on mine catching me off guard. He wrapped his arms around my waist. I tried to push him off since he was getting me wet. He was too strong and before I knew it we started making out. I heard someone clear their tho moray and saw Danielle staring at us with wide eyes. I bit my lip not knowing what to say or do. 

"I'll just leave." Justin ran out the door before I could stop him. I turned to Danielle who now had her arms crossed. 

"What?" I bit the inside of my cheek getting a slight nervous. 

"What was that all about?" She raised her eyebrow. 

"I don't know." I looked down at my feet. 

"I do, he likes you and you like him." I looked up at her who had a cheeky smile. 

"I guess." I said not sure of the answer.  Maybe I did have feelings for him I just didn't want to show it. She was about to speak up when we heard a knock. I opened it and Justin was standing there again. 

"Uhh my car won't turn on, can I stay here for awhile?" He asked in a shy tone. I turned to Danielle who gave me the go-for-it look. I nodded and led him in. I saw him shiver since he was soaking wet and he was inside a cold place. 

"Follow me." He followed me up the stairs I walked in Derek's room. Since the accident we've never came in here. Everything is still the way it is. I went over to his drawers and searches for something comfy. 

"Is this your brothers room?" Justin asked. I turned around to face him and he was looking around. I looked back in drawer and saw a plain white t-shirt and some sweats. 

"Yeah." I responded throwing him the stuff. He caught it and went to change in the bathroom. He came out a few minutes later with his wet clothes in his hands. "Here." I took my hand out and grabbed his clothes. I went to the laundry room and put his clothes in to dry. I was about to get out when Justin stopped me. 

"You scared the living shit out of me." I held my hand to my chest. He chuckled. He started to lean in and I caught myself as well. We started making out when I pulled away. 

"We shouldn't be doing this, I'm dating Oliver." Lies. "I can't do this to him." More lies. I looked at Justin and a hint of hurt flashed through his eyes. 

"So that's his name." Justin spoke. I looked at him a puzzled look on my face. 

"I'm sorry." I grabbed his arm and he pulled it away. 

"I knew coming here was a bad idea." He fake laughed and he pushed his way out. 

"Justin, please." I started crying and I had no idea why. 

"Leave me the fuck alone." I went up to him and pressed my lips against his. He pulled me back and left. I fell to the ground and darkness took over. What the hell just happened? 



Can't wait for next chapter! Muahahaha >:) 

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Just letting y'all know I will not update tomorrow since I'm going to the beach! But...... I will update at least three chapters on Wednesday! Since i didn't update over the weekend, so be prepared for so much DRAMAAAA! :) Much love. 



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