Tom Boy

Alysson is the schools Tom boy while her best friend Taylor is the total opposite. When superstar Justin Bieber attends Stratford High School, things turn out to be different at the end. (New story)


5. Date

Alysson's POV




It was already Friday which means the day Justin and I go on a date. What Danielle told me kept replaying in my head as I was getting ready for tonight.






"How do I tease him?" I asked trying to think what's going to happen on Friday.



"If he starts hitting on you, pretend you're going to kiss him then back away. Whisper in his ear seductively and bite his earlobe a little bit. Bite and lick your lips every time he stares at them. If he mentions anything about how good you look say you did it for him then slap his ass to catch him off guard." I laughed. "When he opens the door of his car to let you in say thank you and kind of bend over when you're getting in the car, and last when you come home say you had a good time and kiss his cheek and then next day pretend like nothing ever happened." She leaned back on the sofa and had a smirk plastered on her face. She knew what she telling me was true and that it would work. I felt bad about it, but he had to get something in return for acting like a total jackass to be in front of everyone.



"Wow, where did you learn all these things?" I gave her a cocky grin.



"Experience." She shrugged. I nodded and we got back to watching the movie,



*End of flashback*



I was straightening my hair a bit when I heard my phone vibrate. I unlocked it and checked the message.



From; Danielle

Goodluck on your date. Remember what I told you. Bye girlie!



I tossed my phone on my bed and laughed to myself. It was six thirty and Justin was going to be here at seven. I finished my hair and did a little of my make up since I'm not of huge fan of it. I went to my closet and got out my black dress that fitted perfect on me showing every inch of my body. I got my heels that wrapped around my ankles and got my leather jacket since it was going to be chilly tonight. I sprayed perfume on and put on a necklace that has been passed on from my family for generations. I heard the doorbell ring and I quickly got downstairs. I took a deep breathe before opening the door. Justin's back was facing me.



"Hey." I called out. He turned around and eyed me up and down and gulped.




"Y-you look a-amazing." He swallowed again. Awe, he's stuttering. How cute.



"Thanks, I did it for you." I winked at him before slapping his ass like Danielle told me to. I chuckled to myself and turned around to Justin who was standing there like an idiot.



"You coming?" I laughed. He nodded and lead me to his car. He opened the door and I thanked him bending over while getting in. He walked over to the drivers side and got in turning on the engine.



"Where we headed?" I asked so the car ride to wherever he was taking me wouldn't be so awkward. He smiled and turned to me.



"You'll see." He winked at me and continued driving. We arrived at a fancy restaurant, but the weird thing is there were no cars. "I reserved it only for us." He smiled before taking my hand and leading me inside.



"Hello Mr. Bieber, right this way." The waiter greeted us and took us over to our table. He gave us our menus and left while we sat there looking for something good to eat. He came back a few minutes later and was going to bring our food out in a while.



"So why did you come to Stratford? I mean don't you have a tour starting soon?" I asked.



"My manager wanted me to finish my last year of school." I lifted my head as in 'oh'. "Why would you dress as a boy? Not to be rude or anything." For some reason, I had a feeling he was going to ask me this. I told him everything about my brother and how he got in the accident.



"I'm so sorry, I would've loved to meet him." I nodded and looked down. I remembered when he would take me out to eat as a 'brother-sister day'. I felt the tears rolling down my cheek. I heard the chair make a noise when Justin pushed back and got up. He came over to me and hugged me. "Everything's gonna be alright." I wiped my tears and thought I probably look like a mess right now.



"Excuse me." I got up and went to the restroom and check the mirror. The good thing is I didn't wear a lot of mascara. I cleaned up the little stains I had and applied some again. I went back out and saw the food placed on the table. I went over and I started eating. Once we were finished we went out for a walk to let the food pass. This night wasn't going as planned about the teasing and I didn't plan on doing it anymore since he was being so sweet to me.



"Aren't you going out with Taylor still?" They popped up in my head all randomly and I remembered they were dating.



"Yup." He said popping the 'p'.



"Do you like her? Be honest." For some odd reason I didn't want to hear the answer.



"Yeah, she's amazing." He smiled. I bit of jealously filled my body along with hurt.



"Oh." I smiled back at him trying not to show that I was jealous. Maybe I should go back on the teasing plan. I saw his hand fall beside him giving me a chance to grab it. I purposely touched it to see what he'd do. "Oops sorry." I laughed. He looked down at my lips making me lick them then bite them after.



"I don't mind." He gave me a cheeky smile locking our hands together. I blushed and looked away so he wouldn't catch me. We talked and laughed through our whole walk. On our way to my house he was telling me a story when he was a child.



"You're so stupid." I told him after hearing his story how he got stuck in a tree. I got out of the car then Justin following me.



"What was that?" He asked seriously trying to hold in his smile.



"Nothing." He pushed me against the wall and placed both his arms on each side of me blocking my way out.




"C'mon say it again." I shook my head then he started tickling me.



"Jus-Justin s-s-stop!" I yelled laughing. When I looked up to him our lips touched on accident. I quickly pulled away as we stared for each other for a moment taking in what just happened.



"Justin, Alysson?" We turned around to where the voice was coming out. It was Taylor staring at us.




"What are you two doing!?" Her voice rose higher.




"I found her walking so I gave her a ride." Justin lied. Taylor looked at him trying to believe him.



"Why are you both dressed fancy then?" Shit.



"I had an interview so I had to dress good and I don't know about her." Justin pointed back at me. How the heck does he come up with these lies so quickly?



"I thought I saw you two kiss." She glared at me causing me to roll my eyes. Justin stood there awkwardly and scratched the back of his neck.



"You two kissed didn't you?" She asked again after neither of us answered.



"Babe it was an accident, plus it was like kissing like a dead fish." He laughed while Taylor joined him.



"Yeah totally." I tried to sound natural. Taylor nodded and came up to me.



"Sorry for misunderstanding." She smiled sweetly. Is this bitch on crack or something? She would've slapped me by now. Justin kissed her right in front me making my heart ache. I left them making out on my porch and slammed the door getting inside. I called Danielle and told her everything that had happened.



"That asshole!" She yelled through the phone pulling my phone away from my ear.



"I thought he was actually going to turn out sweet, I was wrong." I shook my head even though she couldn't see me.



"Mhmm.....WHAT?" She yelled. I'm guessing her mom called her. "OKAY! Hey Ally I'll text you tomorrow I gotta go, bye girly!" She hung up. I put on my pajamas and took off my makeup and thought about reading a book. I took out a book from the Pretty Little Liars series and starting reading it.



From: Bieber

Sorry about what happened tonight :( please forgive me? x



I ignored the text and forgot that they know when you read their message, crap. My phone started vibrating and saw Justin calling me. I sent him straight to voicemail. I read for about thirty minutes until I felt my eyes getting heavy. I turned off my phone since it has been ringing all night. He's so paying for what he did on Monday.





"Hey Ally what's up?" Oliver asked.



"Can I ask you a favor?" I asked sweetly.



"Sure, anything." I smiled.



"I need you to pretend you're my boyfriend for the next couple of days."



"Trying to get back at Bieber?" He asked. I nodded then I forgot he can't see me.



"Yeah, how'd you know?" I replied nervously.



"Danielle told me." Of course she did. "And yeah I'll be your pretend boyfriend it'll be fun, listen I gotta go I'll see you on Monday, bye.... babe." I can already picture him winking. I laughed.



"Bye baby." I replied sarcastically. I heard him laugh before the line went dead.







OOOO what's going to happen between Alysson and Justin?


Did Justin mean what he said about kissing her?


Why did Oliver agreed to her favor?


Till next chapter! :*



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