Free at Last

synopsis of movie included*****a sequel to Les Miserables*************
The French Revolution is over. Cosette and Marius can finally start their life together. But what happens when Cosette starts having strange dreams that might have a connection to her adoptive father Jean Valjean and goes to find his will to see if there is any connection or when Master and Mistress of the House are seeking to regain Cosette through court, claiming that it was an illegal adoption? Will they get their revenge? Is there a connection? What will happen in Cosette and Marius' new life together?


3. Unsettled

"Cosette" I hear as I am waking up." Cosette, my love wake up! " 

      It was Marius who was waiting for me to wake up. God, I may love him but he is probably to tired to fix his own breakfast so I  will probably have to fix something for his lazy butt. I sit in bed think for a split second. Another day, another destiny, as dad used to say when I was younger.

"what?" I yawn as tired as I was last night."what do you want? breakfast?" 

He smiles guiltily. I wish he would learn to fix his own sometimes or surprise me with breakfast. Well, maybe it is acceptable for such a cute face!  Well, I really should not give in, but he is so sweet. God, he makes me so conflicted.

"Oooooh can we have pancakes,Cosette?" he asks.

Another thing about Marius is that he can be so childish. One day sounding like a 19 year old( actual age) and the next a three year old. I hesitate but he gives me his inresistable puppy eyes. I can not do anything but give in to the face that I fell In love with 5 months ago.

"fine" I say again annoyed.

I fix the flippin pancakes and eat breakfast in silence.

"wanna talk?" he asks

"no" I say bitterly

"what's wrong with you?" he is as miffed as I was.

I  brush him off not paying attention.

" What the Hell, Cosette? Are you mad about last night?" he yells.

I hate to be contemptuous about things but yes of course I frickin am!

""Whatever!" I yell back and I storm out the door as infuriated as ever.

" Wait Cosette, don't leave! I didnt mean it" He called after me.

I was now crying.

"screw you"i mutter.

."Your lazy and expect me to do everything for you, find me when you learn to take care yourself!"I yell at him and run off

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