Free at Last

synopsis of movie included*****a sequel to Les Miserables*************
The French Revolution is over. Cosette and Marius can finally start their life together. But what happens when Cosette starts having strange dreams that might have a connection to her adoptive father Jean Valjean and goes to find his will to see if there is any connection or when Master and Mistress of the House are seeking to regain Cosette through court, claiming that it was an illegal adoption? Will they get their revenge? Is there a connection? What will happen in Cosette and Marius' new life together?


5. Mademosille Cosette Pontmercy

Costte kisses my gently as she gets up to answer the knock that was on the door. I race in front of her to get it. I open it to only reveal me. It was a man of early 20s wearing a police uniform. He has a mustache that is huge reminding me of the police from the battle.

" Is Mademosille Cosette Pontmercy in?" the man asks in a professional voice.

"why?" I answer his question with a question.

"I have a warrant for Mademosille's arrest."

" what for?"

"it was a illegal adoption, according to the justice of the law, you need to go through court. This was brought to our attention by Mme. And Msr. Thenardier."

I sit there in silence thinking  what?.

"good day!" I attempt to slam the door.

The an sticks his foot out and catches it. He bursts in.

" reveal her whereabouts or I will shoot you!" he demands.

At that he pulls his gun out and puts it to my chest. He shots a tranquilizer dart into my chest.

                                                                   Cosette's P.O.V

I run to Marius crying. Someone reaches out and grabs me. I am blinded and scream for help. No one hears my cry.

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