Free at Last

synopsis of movie included*****a sequel to Les Miserables*************
The French Revolution is over. Cosette and Marius can finally start their life together. But what happens when Cosette starts having strange dreams that might have a connection to her adoptive father Jean Valjean and goes to find his will to see if there is any connection or when Master and Mistress of the House are seeking to regain Cosette through court, claiming that it was an illegal adoption? Will they get their revenge? Is there a connection? What will happen in Cosette and Marius' new life together?


4. By all means

                                                                                       Marius' P.O.V

          Leave it to me to screw up. I can't do anything right. Ever since I have been with Cosette, I feel like I am not good enough. should I feel that way? It wasn't the best thing I have ever done treating her like I did but what should I do to get her back. Her last words play over and over in my mine. I do the on thing I can think of , run out into the downpour of rain

     I find her sitting under a tree soaking wet and crying. When she sees me, she storms the other way. I know not to grab her wrist, but I do any way. She struggles against me.

" what the fuck? Let mego! You and I are done." she screams at me.

"no" I refuse.

 "why not?" 

"I love you dearly"


Wow she is just..... Wow!

"you are my everything, I won't let you go."

 I am down on my knees pleading with her. I grab her hands and stare into her eyes.

"I am a idiot, please forgive me. I don't know what I'd do. Without you."


"please forgive me Cosette!"

At that I get up and kiss her passionately. I don't want to lose her, not now not ever

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