Free at Last

synopsis of movie included*****a sequel to Les Miserables*************
The French Revolution is over. Cosette and Marius can finally start their life together. But what happens when Cosette starts having strange dreams that might have a connection to her adoptive father Jean Valjean and goes to find his will to see if there is any connection or when Master and Mistress of the House are seeking to regain Cosette through court, claiming that it was an illegal adoption? Will they get their revenge? Is there a connection? What will happen in Cosette and Marius' new life together?


2. A New Beginning

                                                                     Cosette's P.O.V

                I woke up screaming, a sound I have grown accustom to after awhile. Is he still here? Am I imaging things? Did he die in reality or in my unattentive state of mind? I look over a find the answer to all of my silly questions. Marius is still lying next to me. Having no greater luck at a "nightly adventure", might I add. He is wearing a mask of sorrow and fear over his usual loving face. He is mumbling words I can't quite make out. Only a few are understandable. No, love and her are among the few.I try to talk to him to penetrate the mask of fearfulness and tears. Finally, I resort to singing softly to him.

  "Marius,I'm here to stay, I will never go away.

We will always be together, don't you worry now,Marius.

Just think of our love for each other now.

A heart full of love

A night full of you
The words are old
But always true.

A heart full of love
No fear no regret
'My name is Marius Pontmercy'

I saw you waiting and I knew.

Waiting for you
At your feet

At your call

And it wasn't a dream
Not a dream after all" I sang softly.

           At that the masquerade of unpleasant stirring was replaced by a harmony of lovely things and a smile appears. 

           "Cosette," he mumbles joyfully."Cosette."

           Just hearing my name roll off of his tongue made me squirm with joy. I kiss his head softly and am numbed by a astonishing haze of fatigue. I drift away to sleep.


      I am in a meadow, not of small size, but of great extensiveness, extending as far as anyone could see. I am sitting among the pinkish yellow daisies in the meadow.I see Marius next to me and he is as aware of his surroundings as me (a little hazy) . It was soft like those imagined to be in Heaven. A blinding mist was in place of the usual sky, taking a little time to get used to.

      I slowly get up and ponderously examine my surroundings. Marius follows. Everything seems to pass by. The flowers shift in the breeze as if to dance across the hills. The daisies morph into a soft powdery baby blue. The taste of strawberries twirl across my tongue. A Ferris Wheel of thoughts turn in my mind.

     Suddenly, I feel a disturbance in the air. A hypnotic melody plays over again like those of the circuses. It calls me into a deep dark forest hidden from sight. I can not control myself. A darkness reaches of and I am pulled in.



     Tears are  rolling down my cheeks. I can still hear the melody playing in my head. A soft familar voice pulls me into reality.

"It's okay." whispered Marius softly.

         I explain my dream to my love, Marius.

" I wonder if it's because --- Dad------just----" I could not finish this painful sentence that my valiant father, Jean Valjean had just died three months ago.

"It's a silly thought, but" Marius frowns, not daring to venture forward.

"For God's sake, say what you must." I spit out  a little too bitter.

     Marius gives me a look that I read as 'What's your problem'.

" Could our dreams be connected?" he finishes."I just dream ed about the battle but 'you-know-who' wasn't their .I was just left for dead. you came along when I was almost." he swallows." dead. You were singing about how everything would be fine and I survived."


"dad died from a fatal wound."

I think this over. Could this be?

I was on the verge of tears after his reference to our father who dies in battle.Three months have passed since he was taken by God peacefully.I had been so afraid to read his last confession till three weeks ago.Ever since, I have had nightmares, every night waking up screaming and crying from the horrific things I have witnessed. These thoughts I have trouble acknowledging. They make a little sense, but seem almost impossible. We have a strong connection. (we always have.) It probably is possible.We think the same things. It was most likely just in the wheels of our minds. I want to doubt it, really i do, but after all the miracles that have happened to me, was it really my place to doubt? No, by all means, NO.

I quit thinking and realize I have walked to the window at some point. Marius is looking at me funny. Suddenly, i realize that I am talking out loud. About my doubts, about my thought. 

"The hand---The forest. Could it be a clue or am I a bit crazy?"I say.

"I reaaaaaaaaaally don't know." Marius yawns."I'm just tired. Talk about it in the morning?"He sighs tiredly.

"okay." I was annoyed.

I drift off into a uneasy sleep.


Am I surprising you? I wrote this ON MY OWN. (lol see what I did there.) I  hope you like it.

Yours Truly,

Mariah (One Direction Infected)

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