Just Follow Me~ Completed

Eleanor hasn't had the perfect life, bullied by her brothers, never having any freedom, forced to do things she doesn't want to. When she meets George, he takes her away and helps her in hiding, just as they start to fall in love, will the others return her to save there best friend, or will they help this girl so George is happy??


7. Your Tiny

Eleanor POV
The next day I woke up, alone. I stood up and saw the boys throwing stuffed animals at eachother, "Don't mind them, they're not normal." I peeked over my shoulder, "George." I hugged him and he smiled, "Sleep good?" I smiled, "Yea." The boys looked over, "Just go out already." I turned to Jaymi, "No need to be rude." Josh laughed, "He's not being rude, he's saying the truth." JJ rolled his eyes and sat down with a giant monkey, "Um, you hungry?" I shook my head, "Not Really." He threw me over his shoulder, "Too bad your eating." He set me in a chair and set yogurt in front of me, "All I'm asking is that you eat that. It's not much." I turned to him, "For me, it is. Do you know why I don't eat?" He opened his mouth, "Because my brothers always called me fat if I ate a strawberry. They call me fat if I ate a doughnut." He frowed, "Well I'm sorry that your brother's are mean. But here, nobody's gonna call you fat." He held my hands, "Eleanor, you don't understand, your anorexic. That tears me to shreds." A tear slipped from his eye, "I don't like to see girls who starve themselves because of a boys decision." I wiped away his tears, "But I'm huge." He looked down, "Your tiny. Ask the boys, your tiny." He stood up, "Please, don't make it harder than it needs to be." I stood up, "I'm telling the truth, I'm not hungry. Maybe later when I am hungry, then I'll eat it." I wiped away the remaining tears, "But thanks for caring."

A/N: Is it weird that everytime I write this, I picture Troian Bellisario in my head??? I love her character Spencer Hastings on Pretty Little Liars. I can really connect to her. ~DimplesObsession:)

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