Just Follow Me~ Completed

Eleanor hasn't had the perfect life, bullied by her brothers, never having any freedom, forced to do things she doesn't want to. When she meets George, he takes her away and helps her in hiding, just as they start to fall in love, will the others return her to save there best friend, or will they help this girl so George is happy??


4. Struggle

George POV

I walked with burgers and saw her sleeping. I set down our food and gently woke her up. "Wake up." She shot up and screamed, "Don't kill me!!" She looked at me and frowned, "What are you talking about?" She looked at me, "What?" I handed her a burger, "Nothing. Here eat." She picked at her burger, the bun being first. "I'm not very hungry." She handed me her burger and walked into the bathroom, "Please eat something. It doesn't have to be big, you can eat yogurt, or a strawberry. But please eat something." I grabbed a yogurt cup and walked to the bathroom before handing it to her. "At least eat a spooonful?"  She grabbed the cup and spoon and took a spoonful and gave it back to me. "Thank You. The boys will be here in a bit." I finished the yogurt and threw the cup away. "Hey George, so what's with the girl?" I grabbed my phone and sighed, "Her brothers are making her life a living hell and she ran away. I'm keeping her here for a while okay? Please?" Josh stood by me and smiled, "I'm in." JJ smiled, "Me too." Jaymi looked down, "Me too." I smiled and hugge them, "Thanks." 

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