Just Follow Me~ Completed

Eleanor hasn't had the perfect life, bullied by her brothers, never having any freedom, forced to do things she doesn't want to. When she meets George, he takes her away and helps her in hiding, just as they start to fall in love, will the others return her to save there best friend, or will they help this girl so George is happy??


18. Let's Do It

George walked in with some tea, "Hows your hand?" I looked at the bandage, "Sore." He laughed, "You shouldn't have punched him." I sighed, "The years he caused pain, I finally had a chance to give it back to him. It felt right." He took a sip, "Two wrongs don't make a right." I set down my cup, "George, but when you hold my hand, does it feel right?" He nodded, "When you protect me, does it feel right?" He nodded, "So when I hurt somebody because I'm protecting you, it's wrong." He sighed, "Eleanor-" I stopped him, "Let's drop it, pretend it never happened." He smiled, "Okay." Josh ran out, "Georgie, we're out of dinosaur nuggets!!" He jumped, "Quick, to the monkey mobile." They ran out and I laughed, "What's so funny?" I looked at JJ, "The fact that George calls his car the Monkey Mobile." He nodded, "Doesn't make sense, but that's George." We both laughed and I grabbed my tea, "Where's Jaymi?" I shrugged, "Probably with Olly." JJ smiled, "What baby daddy?" He laughed, "Is that my nickname?" I nodded, "Absolutely." Jaymi ran in, "Where were you?" He shrugged, "No time. We have to do a twitcam." We looked at eachother, "What??" He nodded, "In case Eleanor comes up missing when we're not here. The JCats can help." I smiled, "Let's do it."

A/N: JAYMI'S TWITCAM IS IN A FEW HOURS!! I'VE SEEN THEM ALL WEEK!!! My favorite is JJ's. They think we're stupid. Watch it and you'll understand.


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