Just Follow Me~ Completed

Eleanor hasn't had the perfect life, bullied by her brothers, never having any freedom, forced to do things she doesn't want to. When she meets George, he takes her away and helps her in hiding, just as they start to fall in love, will the others return her to save there best friend, or will they help this girl so George is happy??


5. I'm Fine

Eleanor POV

I knew I shouldn't have told him, I knew he was going to tell my brothers to get me, how could I be so stupid? To think he actually care? Ugh I'm an idiot. I saw him open the door, with three boys that weren't my brothers. "This is JJ, Josh, and Jaymi." I shrugged, "Is your name Jack?" He giggled, "No I'm George." I smiled, "Huh, wasn't expecting that, I'm Eleanor by the way. Kinda couldn't say that when we were running." We both laughed and he sat me on the couch, "We all promised eachother that we would do our best to protect you from those monsters you call brothers. So if your not okay with this, tell me now." I shrugged, "I'm fine with it." He smiled, "Good, now we need to make her a room." Josh shrugged, "Since you know her the best, she can sleep in you room." George looked at me and I sighed, "I guess that's fine." They all tackled me and started laughing, "Ok guys, can't breathe!! Please get off." They all jumped off and I stood up, "I'm a little tired, I'm gonna change." George smiled, "My room's the only clean one." I laughed and walked away before going to the bathroom and quickly changing. I grabbed my pajama shorts and tank top and stuffed the other clothes in the bag before walking out. "Night Guys." They smiled, "Night Eleanor." I walked into George's room and sat on the bed before falling asleep. Maybe I could stay here.

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