Just Follow Me~ Completed

Eleanor hasn't had the perfect life, bullied by her brothers, never having any freedom, forced to do things she doesn't want to. When she meets George, he takes her away and helps her in hiding, just as they start to fall in love, will the others return her to save there best friend, or will they help this girl so George is happy??


2. i didn't know where to

George's P.O.V: Me and the boys were taking a break. me and Josh were at the flat. we decided to check twitter. i saw loads of tweets about how they love me and union j. i love the fans but none of them would've liked me if i wasn't in union j. "Josh, i'm gonna go for a walk," i said and got up. "alright Georgie boy," he said making me smile and i headed out. i was walking passed the house at the end of our street when i heard shouting and screaming and crying. i hid round the corner so i could see what was going on. about five boys ran out laughing. i could still hear the crying. suddenly i heard the door slowly open. i looked round. a girl walked out. looked around and ran. i stepped out and she ran straight into me. i grabbed her stopping her from falling. "you alright love?" i asked her. she nodded then shook her head and burst into tears. "i need to go, before they come back,"she said.

"who?" i asked her.

"my brothers," i heard the boys coming back. she started panicking. i signalled for her to be quiet. she nodded and i pulled her into the shadows. the boys went into the house and i grabbed her hand and ran. i didn't know where to. 

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