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Some People believe that you can find love everywhere and in love at first sight ,some don't. What if you belong to the people who don't believe in things unless you personally experience them?What would you do when all comes down and you experience things you never have dreamt of? I can tell you that it never ever seems easy at first when all the bad stuff happens but in the end maybe you could have found love in a hopeless place?

( Zayn Malik FanFiction )


1. Plans


 * Liam's P.O.V *


It was in the middle of June and the lads and I had a few days off and I decided to use the time off to vist my family. I haven't seen them since Chrismas I think and I miss them terrible. As I told the lads and Paul where I wanted to go, Niall and Zayn ask me if they could join me and i nodded smiling to myself. I really love these boys. They are like my second family and I don't know what I would do without anyone of them. As we kept talking about what we all would do, I found out that Harry would go to visit his family, too and Louis would spend some time with his girlfriend Eleanor. Paul would come with Me,Niall and Zayn to make sure we're safe and to keep us some privacy from the fans and media.


We all went early to our hotel rooms which we shared, to start packing since we all went away.(The room arrangements were: Louis+Harry , Zayn+Paul , Liam+Niall). While packing I talked to Niall how happy I was that he and Zayn would join me to visit my family.


" Man , I'm so happy that I'll see my family again. It feels like ages I saw them. And that you tag along makes this even better!", I explained smiling.

" I know you are!", Niall chuckled," But you know, I like you're family, they are so nice and very wellcoming, and since you're my best Bud they're like my second family. And I kinda....missed the cooking skills of your mum!"

I laughed along with him and finished my packing quickly and headed to bed since we'll have to get up at five in the morning. I slowly drifted off to sleep.


In the morning I was awoken by the boys jumping, laughing and screaming around in my room.

"What the hell..", I muttered.

What I saw didn't surprised me really: Louis chased a half naked Harry with a carrot while Niall chased Louis because he was hungry and Louis had food. Zayn simply stayed in the middle of the room trying to fix his hair which is ruffled each time by Harry as he ran by.


"Harrreh!! Get some clothes on", laughed Louis.

"Lou!! Give me the damn carrot!!! I'm starving!!" complained Niall.

"God Harry. Don't touch my hair!" Zayn whined.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Harry screamed/laughed.


"SHUT UP!!!", I screamed. They all went silent and looked kinda apologetic at me. We stayed quiet for a while till I broke the silence by talking again but calmer this time.


" Harry, please put some clothes on. You're not the only person here. Louis you need to stop screaming when it's so early, people might complain. And Niall, you could have easily go to our mini fridge and take something from there instead of chasing Louis because he has food.", I turned to them as I talked.

"And what's with Zayn?!? He screamed, too!",Harry complained.

"Well since he had the right to because you would touch his hair, I'm not really the one to be mad at him", I laughed.

"But that's not fair, Daddy Direction" Louis pouted and gave Zayn a glare. Zayn laughed at him and cheered:" ZIAM forever bitches!!" and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and chuckled along.


A little bit later all the boys went to get ready. Paul tolg us to be ready in five, so I quickly checked if we had packed everything, and went to the lobby to meet the lads. ' This will be a good time ' I thought. But I would never have dreamt of what had to be happening.



A/N: So this is the first chapter and I know that it doesn't really make sence now but it will in the next following chapters. PLease LIKE/COMENT/FAVORITE ! ♥♥♥


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