Hi! So I love writing songs, and I would really appreciate if you could give me response to my songs. They're all very personally to me, and they all have a story behind them, so... These songs are like a diary to me. Yeah, I guess that's all.


3. White Flag

White Flag


Verse 1

I hear you crying at night.

I hear you yelling in the day.

Once the dawn struck today.

The nightmare starts all over again.

(All over again).

The games of a Devil begin (Hold the i)

And the angels come to fall.



So you can yell,

You can fight,

You can take what's left

Of the happy days.

You can take what's left

Of the memories.

And you can leave (Hold the e)

Oh, you can leave (Hold the e).


Verse 2

Night comes with a bang

Like a firing gun.

And you wave the white flag

As we watch the damage already done.

I just want to end this war.

But how do I end

What we don't understand?

What we never truly opened our eyes to.


Repeat Chorus.


Verse 3

So we talk,

We walk.

You shut the door with a boom.

Like a cannonball. Hum.

You cry, I break,

And we leave it all.

Until the day begins again.

Until we see the dawn struck once more.



So you can yell,

You can fight.

You can take what's left

Of the happy days. Yeah.

And you can go (Hold the o)

You can leave.

You can wave your white flag.

But there's never an ending

But oh, you can leave.

I think you should leave (Hold the e).

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