Hi! So I love writing songs, and I would really appreciate if you could give me response to my songs. They're all very personally to me, and they all have a story behind them, so... These songs are like a diary to me. Yeah, I guess that's all.


2. I brought you a rose

I brought you a rose


Verse 1:

I look into your eyes.

I see what I am to you.

Please, understand.

I love you enough to let you go.

My heart break every time,

But I'll get through.

I'll survive the storm.



I brought you a rose,

To keep you here.

I brought you a rose,

As I fall.

I brought you a rose


Verse 2:

Are we still at the edge?

Do we still stand a chance?

'Cause when you hold me tight,

I wish to stay there forever.

And when you're gone,

I forget, what it was like,

To be loved



I'll leave you a rose,

As you say goodbye.

I'll leave you a rose,

To say I'll miss you.

I'll leave you a rose


I'll leave you a rose

(I brought you a rose)

To keep you here

(As you say goodbye)

I'll leave you a rose

(I brought you a rose)

As I fall

(To say I'll miss you)

I brought you a rose.

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