Hi! So I love writing songs, and I would really appreciate if you could give me response to my songs. They're all very personally to me, and they all have a story behind them, so... These songs are like a diary to me. Yeah, I guess that's all.


1. Better Like This

Better Like This


Verse 1

I'm sorry to say. 

This time you didn't bring me down.

I kept my head held up high,

But it's only a matter of time,

Before you get me.

And I'm scared

I might not get up this time.



Give me one good reason,

Why I shouldn't let go of myself.

Give me one good reason to hang on,

When you kick me 

When I'm already down in the dirt.

Tell me why I should

Tell me why!

Break my heart and leave me

It's better like that.


Verse 2

Can you see me?

I'm right here

Standing beside you.

Is it all gone?

The love we once had.

Will you ever let me get back up?


Repeat chorus.


Verse 3

'Cause I will fall

I will break.

If you don't,

Let me be.

I will not stand alone.

I will not be alone.

You've gone too far this time.

This time I'm leaving you behind.

I'm giving up on you.

Cause you're not worth my tears

No, not today! Not tomorrow.

Not ever again.



Give me one good reason

Or I'm letting myself go.

Give me one good reason

Or I stop holding on.

Tell me why I shouldn't

Tell me why.

I'm already in the dirt.

What could be worse?

Oh, oh, oh.

It's better like this.


So, this is my first song. Hope you guys like it.

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