Forbidden Love (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

Emily Thorns went through something no teenager should go through.The loss of their own mother. To loose a mother as a teenager is heartbreaking, especially for Emily. Not being able to bare the memories, Emily and her father move to England for a new start. And when a scary situation causes Emily to reach a life threatening situation, Liam comes into the story to save her. But with a strict non-trusting father how can Emily learn to build a relationship if she starts falling in love with Liam? What if another tragedy strikes again? (One Direction Not Famous)


7. Chapter Six: What about Love?

(Emily's POV)

I felt my stomach twist, as a bad thought awoke me from the dark night. As my eyes opened, I felt my body shake, but it suddenly stopped when a warm hand looped around my waist in comfort. "Sorry if I woke you up." I said turning over to see Liam waking up.

"Bad dream?"

"No." I said lying, not really wanting to talk about it.

"Wana tell me about it?"

"I don't remember it." But that was a lie too. I remembered every bit of it. I moved here less than a week ago, and Justin had me more scared than a lost puppy. Just the thought of his face made me was to cuddle up into a ball and hope that somebody would come. Justin had me like I was a doll, that was controlled by a video game. 

Liam pulled me close to him, and my back was rested again his warm muscular abs. I closed my eyes trying to go back to sleep, but his face kept coming to my mind. And I didn't want to wake Liam again with another nightmare. I looked up at the clock on the wall by my door, and it was only 2 in the morning. A let out a loud sigh, and I felt Liam move a little bit. "Can't go back to sleep?"

I thought about what I should say, making the room go silent for a few seconds. I decided lying wasn't in my favor anymore. "No."

"Okay, well how about you stay here, and I'll go out and get some breakfast?" He said throwing the covers on top of me. And it made me realize that Liam had fallen asleep in the same bed with me. I felt stupid about not thinking ahead, because it made me wonder what my dad would think. Or if he even knew that Liam stayed over.

"I'll come with."

"Why?" He said stretching a little, before looking into my door mirror to fix his messed up hair.

"Fine I won't go, I'll go for my morning jog in 2 in the morning when its still dark outside."

"I'm just kidding." Liam said laughing. Then I remembered our last nights conversation.

"Liam you didn't answer my question last night." I said getting out of bed to go find some clothes in my closet.

"What question." He said opening my window.

"Never mind its stupid, I'll just go study for school while you make breakfast."

"Okay." He said before climbing down the side of my house to get to his house. I let out a big breath of air. I was stupid, confused, and completely in love with a guy I've known for a week.

(Liam's POV)

I jumped out of Emily's window, landing on the ground with a loud thud. I walked over to my back gate and opened it. I walked in through the back door, and saw my mom in the kitchen cooking. It smelled like waffles. "Hey mum." I said coming up behind her, and hugging her slightly. "Good morning Liam." She said flipping over a pancake. I went into the fridge then, grabbing some bagels and a container of cream cheese. I put it into a bag then. "I'll cya later mum." I said rushing back out the back door so she couldn't stop me. I ran back over to Emily's front door and slowly sneaked inside.

I slowly crept up into Emily's room, and found her on the bed. I slowly walked in, not wanting to wake her. As soon as I took a step inside, she jumped up and was breathing heavily. Then she wrapped her arms around her knees and start crying. I quickly put the bagels on her dresser and rushed over to her. I sat down, and pulled her close to my chest. "Sh, it's okay." I whispered into her ear as I softly ran my fingers through her hair.

To calm her down, I softly sang songs to her, and she calmed down. Once she did, I tried to get her to talk about it, but she really didn't want to. "You hungry still? I brought bagels." She sat up then. "Yeah just a little." I walked back over to her dresser and grabbed the bagels and cream cheese. I handed her a bagel and a knife. And she put a little amount of cream cheese on her bagels, and slowly ate.

As we finished eating, it was about 3:30 in the morning still. I let out a loud yawn, and quickly covered my mouth not wanting her to know I was tired. "Liam you can go back to sleep." She said looking at me. Her face looked tired too, but you could tell she had been crying. Her eyes were red and puffy, and water still puddled in her eyes. Her hair was slightly messy too, but it was kinda cute. "It's fine I can sleep later."

"Liam please, if your tired don't stay up because of some stupid nightmare I had." She bit her lip looking away.

"It's not stupid, because if it's bothering you, it's important for me to be there for you." I was kind of angry she was pushing me away, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to make her mad.

"Liam please."

"I'm not even that tired." I accidentally looked down, and I stared at Emily's lips. I was so tempted to kiss her, but I didn't want to rush anything, and I didn't even know if she liked me. But then I noticed she was staring at me too, came closer to me then. I softly moved her hair over and placed my hand on the side of her neck. Emily leaned closer to me then, as her soft lips finally met mine. She was so beautiful, and her lips were so soft and tasted like strawberry cream cheese. Not being able to control myself I laid her down on the bed, so I was laying on top of her. As I continued to kiss her, she wrapped her hands around my neck pulling me closer. The moment was so blurry, and it was amazing. I couldn't believe I had finally found a girl that loved me. But the thought of my gang came to my head and I quickly pulled away. Emily looked at me concerned as she softly brushed my cheek.

"Are you okay?"

"I forgot to do something, I need to go." I quickly jumped off the bed and walked out the door. I couldn't be with Emily if I was in a gang. And I couldn't be in a gang if I wanted to be with Emily. I wouldn't want her to get involved, even though she kind of is with Justin. I didn't want her knowing I was in a gang. Especially after what happened to her mother. I ran over to my house and jumped into my truck. I took off for Niall's house. No matter how much I loved Emily, I knew I couldn't be with her because I'd never meet her expectations of being a good boy friend.

I heard my phone ring, and I grabbed it seeing a phone call from Emily. Her contact photo was a picture of me and her together. And I put my phone on voicemail, not wanting to talk to her. As it went to voicemail, I listened to her beautiful voice. "Hey Liam it's Emily, um. I have no idea what just happened, and if you can come back as soon as possible. It's stupid but, I hate being here with just my dad because of well... him. So ugh call me back or something, bye." The voicemail ended then and I felt bad for leaving her, because I knew Justin knew where she lived. And that bastard I swear. I grabbed onto my phone and called Harry then.

"Hello?" He said sounding tired.

"Harry, I need you to do me a favor."

"At 4 AM In the morning?" He said groaning.

"I need you to watch over Emily while I'm gone."

Harry let out a huge puff of air. "Okay fine."

"If you see Justin's truck drive by her house, or if you see him at all. Call me, and keep him away from Emily. If Emily goes somewhere, follow her."

"Okay." He said hanging up then. I looked at the speed limit sign passing me saying 25. But I wasn't going to take an hour to get to Niall's. I sped up to 45 then. I swear if Justin so much of steps a foot on Emily's lawn. I will kill him.


(Emily's POV)

I was kind of mad at myself, I probably screwed something up just like I do with everything else. I put on a pair of shorts, and put on a tanktop. I grabbed my ipod and put it into my pocket. I put my headphones in and the first song that came on was, Wake me up by Avicii. I quickly stretched then, and walked down the stairs. I put a note on the door saying I was going out for a run. I opened the door then and was quickly blinded by the sun. I closed the door then and began running down the block.

Then I stopped when I heard a car behind me so I could let it pass. But when I turned around, it was just slowly moving. I knew it wasn't Justin's truck. I looked over the truck again and squinted. Finally figuring it out I noticed Harry in the drivers seat. Ignoring him then, I turned around and kept running. I heard the deep humming of his truck engine the whole time I was running. I had no idea why he was following me, but it was kinda creepy. I eventually got to the park, and ran around in the park a couple times. When I finally went to go back home, I noticed Harry's truck parked a little farther down. I was starting to get angry and confused about why he was following so I ran up to him. I knocked on his passengers window, and he put the window down.

"Are you following me?"

"No, I live down here." He said taking off his sunglasses.

"Um you live in a nursing home?" I was kind of confused, because this part of town has all the nursing homes. (Homes for elderly)

"No, I-."

"So you were following me?"

"Liam put me up to it, told me to watch out for you incase Justin came by."

"Well tell Liam I don't need a body guard." It was nice of Liam to bring somebody to protect me, but it just made me mad he brought somebody else, and not himself. I didn't really feel comfortable with Harry being around anyways, cus I noticed he had a pocket knife a couple of days ago at school. So I kinda figured he was in a gang.

"Sorry Emily, but I don't have a choice."

"Why it's not like he's your dad or something." I said backing away from his truck.

"Look I'm going to have to follow you around till Liam comes back whether you like it or not love." I was creeped out by the word 'Love'.

"Maybe he should get somebody else to keep you away from me." I began running then, and Harry quickly turned around and followed me. He rolled down his drivers window then.

"Emily I have nothing against you, I don't know why your freaked out by me anyways."

"Go away Harry." I said trying to run.

"I'm still here."

I was pissed then. I turned around and punched his car. "Go find somebody else to look at for once!" I heard another truck rumble and I looked over to see Justin's truck. Harry noticed it to then.

"See this is why I'm here." He got out the drivers door then and I began running again. But Harry grabbed me before I could and threw me in the car. He pushed me over to the passengers side, and I went to go out the passengers door but he locked the doors. He closed his door and began driving off. I watched as Justin's truck turned around. I looked out the passengers window crossing my arms across my chest pissed off I didn't get to finish my run because of my stupid 'bodyguard'. "Better buckle up princess." I hate his stupid nicknames he was giving for me. But I refused to get buckled. If he was gonna piss me off I was gonna piss him off.

Harry suddenly slammed on the breaks, and I flew forward  Quickly catching myself on door. My head coming so close to the dash board. "I told you to buckle up-." I quickly cut him off.

"Shut up." I looked infront of us to see two little girls crossing the road. Then I felt the truck jerk forward with a loud bang. I turned behind us to see Justin smirking at me. Harry quickly got out of his truck, slamming to door so hard it made me jump. Harry locked the doors then, so I couldn't get out.

But thankfully, theres no such thing as locked windows. I quickly lowered down the window and jumped out. Not wanting to stay around and watch them fight over Justin hitting Harry's truck. I quickly began sprinting home, and I heard loud foot steps behind me. I turned around to see Justin and Harry sprinting towards me. I felt my adrenaline kick in and I began running so fast, but I don't have spider legs, and not a very good sprinter.

I turned around looking to see if I was far away, but I wasn't. They were running so fast that they were going to knock me over. Harry quickly stepped infront of Justin, knocking me to the ground. The air was quickly knocked out of me, and I gasped for air

Harry quickly got up then, pushing Justin away from me. "Go away Justin, or I swear to god I will fucking kill you." I heard another truck coming up behind us and I looked to see Liam's truck. I quickly caught my breath and got up sprinting towards home once again. I heard a truck door slam, and I turned around to see Liam running towards me. 

I tried to go faster than him, but once again he caught up to me. He grabbed onto my arm stopping me, and I almost fell over again but Liam grabbed onto my waist pulling me into his chest. I looked up at him, breathing heavily. I felt my body be pushed closer to him as his grip became tighter.

When suddenly Liam was tackled, and I was thrown back onto the ground again, only this time I landed on concrete. I felt the side of my head hit the concrete, and I quickly winced in pain. I felt a grip on my hair then as I screamed in pain as my body was lifted up by my hair. Justin brought my head close to my face. Blood was covering his teeth and lips.

He smirked, and threw me over his shoulder starting to run. I saw Liam laying on the grass, as he got up, he was limping. I noticed Harry laying on the ground. I began kicking and hitting Justin. This bastard was fucking crazy. Justin roughly threw me in his truck. And locked the doors just like Harry did. I began to panic then. I yanked on the door handles, and tried to put the window down but it wouldn't work. I pounded on the window starting to freak out. But Justin was already in the drivers seat driving off. I felt my eyes water. "You fucking bastard!" I punched him in the arm multiple times trying to get him to pull over but he sped up. "Stop the car!" He began to speed up more. "Justin!" He slamed on the breaks then, staying in the middle of the road. He quickly pushed me down on the seat and hovered over me. "Why do you want me to stop the car beautiful?" He grabbed onto my hands and put them above me.

"Stop!" I screamed more and more, trying to get him off of me. "Go to hell you fucking creeper!" Justin wiped his mouth then, and quickly brought his lips to mine. I felt blood cover my lips from where Justin was punched. I felt like I was going to puke. He continued kissing me while I struggled against him. When he finally got off of me, he unlocked the door. "Get out you slut." He said slightly pushing me. My hands were shaking but I finally got the door open. When he pushed me out, I felt my body slam against cold concrete once again. My head ached, and my hands were shaky. I closed my eyes and slowly let water come out of them. I heard Liam's truck engine and a door open.

I felt my body be rolled over as I looked up to see Liam's face. He quickly picked me up bridal style and began carrying. I noticed how familiar the neighborhood looked, but my eyes were watery and it was hard for me to see. I felt a door open and I there was a familiar scent about the place Liam had brought me into. I pulled him close to me, not wanting him to let me go. I was stupid, I shouldn't have gotten out of that truck. If I would have just listened to Harry.

I felt my body be laid down on a bed, and I quickly gripped my head in pain. I saw Liam looking down at me, but everything was blurry. I had a aching head ache and my mouth was still covered in Justin's blood. "Emily?" I heard Liam whisper.

I looked away from him, angry he hadn't stayed with me. This wasn't just my fault, if he wouldn't have left me then I never would have gone out for a run. "Emily I'm sorry."

"I just want to be left alone." I felt tears come down my face like rainfall. I heard Liam walk out the door and slam it. Making me jump a little, but it only brought more tears. I quickly pulled my knees up to my chest so I was laying down in a ball. And I cried myself to sleep.


A/N: Sorry for not updating in a while, hope you guys liked the chapter!

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