Forbidden Love (Liam Payne Fanfiction)

Emily Thorns went through something no teenager should go through.The loss of their own mother. To loose a mother as a teenager is heartbreaking, especially for Emily. Not being able to bare the memories, Emily and her father move to England for a new start. And when a scary situation causes Emily to reach a life threatening situation, Liam comes into the story to save her. But with a strict non-trusting father how can Emily learn to build a relationship if she starts falling in love with Liam? What if another tragedy strikes again? (One Direction Not Famous)


2. Chapter One: Wolverhampton

(Emily's POV)

I looked outside the tiny circle window that was allowing me to see the bright green grass, as the airplane I was riding landed in England. "You ready?" My father said patting my leg. I turned to look at him.

"Yeah." I said as I took my headphones out of my ears and wrapped the cord around my iPod. Realizing how hot and stuffy this plane really was. But it was probably just the black skinny jeans and red sweatshirt I was wearing.

"Welcome to Wolverhampton ladies in gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed your flight and have a very nice day. The exit is to the back and to your right." A lady said over a radio. anouncing some cheesey statement she gets paid for. Which in reality, her life probably sucks, and this was the only job she could get.

My dad and I stood up in the cramped airplane as we all pushed and shoved out of the airplane. And once we were in the airport my dad and I struggled to find our suitcases. "Um my brother John, or your Uncle John, is going to help with luggage." I walked up to a long belt that rotated with luggage on it. I saw my two dark pink suitcases and grabbed onto them. They were bigger suitcases because I had to bring everything I owned.

"Heya Paul!" I heard a low voice boom. I turned as I finished gathering my suitcases and saw my Uncle John hugging my dad, also known as Paul sometimes. I set my suitcases by a bench as my Uncle John came to give me a hug. "Emily, my god you've gotten so tall." I gave him a one hand hug, knowing he was just kidding, because I hadn't grown since seventh grade. Right as we pulled away from the hug, he softly whispered something in my ear like it was a secret. "Sorry for your loss."

I choked a little, and swallowed a lump in my throat. "Thanks." I said digging my hands into my back pocket.

"You look a lot like your mother." He said smiling. "Be proud of it, your dad was smart he picked a pretty women." I laughed a little and Uncle John grabbed two of my dads suitcases, while my dad grabbed another two suitcases. Once we were out of the airport we threw all of our suitcases into the back of Uncle Johns old rusty pick up truck.

"So hows it going?" My Uncle John said talking to my dad as we started driving off to our new house. Just so I didn't have to listen to them talk about mom, I put my headphones in and watched the cars zoom by. We arrived at new house faster than I expected to.

I stepped out of the truck to get a better look at the house, it wasn't a mansion. But it was more of perfect sized house. It was a small, dirty type of house that reminded me of home. I lived in a small town in Texas before we moved here to England. I walked to the back of the truck and grabbed my suitcases carrying them inside easily. I looked around, once you walked in there was a kitchen and some stairs leading to more rooms. I walked up the stairs, where there was a small hallway. At the first door to the left of the hallway was a small bedroom. It had pale blue walls with boxes of stuff around it.

I set my suitcases down, claiming this room as mine. I took my headphones out and put them on a old dresser that was in the corner of the room. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and walked towards my door. "I'll take the bedroom next to you." He said winking. I smiled and put my hands in my pocket leaning on my heels. I took off my sweater and changed my shorts before walking down the stairs. The weather here was a lot hotter than at home. And even if it was going to be hotter here, I knew I wasn't going to get a shade darker. I'd always be vampire white.

I looked down at my feet and started walking out the door when I noticed somebody standing there, about to walk inside. I quickly stepped back, almost running into them. "Oh sorry." I said looking up to see beautiful dark chocolate eyes.

"Hi." He said, I froze not paying attention to anything but him. He was really cute, and had a strong British Accent. He had short brown hair, and olive skin. He had a birth mark on his neck, and he was wearing a white t-shirt with black jeans and converse. He coughed a little and I looked away blushing.

"Sorry." I said embarrassed, hoping he didn't think I was a total freak.

"I'm Liam." He said holding out a hand. I took it gently, shaking his hand.

"Emily." Liam smiled.

"I was just dropping by to welcome my new neighbor, I live in the brown house next to you."

"Oh okay." I said tucking my hands back into the backs of my shorts pockets.

"Do you need help with unpacking anything?" He said, noticing the millions of piled boxes that had been shipped in last week by plane.

"Um sure." I said stepping out of the way so he could come inside. I walked to a pile of boxes and he followed close behind. "These boxes are kitchen appliances." I pointed to certain drawers and cupboards showing him where things went.

"Okay." He lifted up a box and put it on the kitchen table. I lifted one up as well and put my box next to his. "So where are you from?" He asked as we unbundled things and put them away.

"The states." I walked around the table that we had set boxes on, and turned on the light. It was starting to get dark outside, and I was hoping Liam wouldn't get in trouble. Not that I should care, but I wasn't the type of person to usually get in a lot of trouble.

He laughed. "I could tell by the accent."

"Yeah." I blushed hoping it wasn't that noticeable if I was going to be going to High School soon.

"So why'd you move here?" He said trying to come up with a conversation.

I wanted to say my dad got a new job, but my head started to spin. "My mother." I said trying to make it simple.

"Did she get a new job?" He asked, throwing a box away and grabbing another one.

"No." I said not wanting to answer.

"She just wanted to move?" He said laughing.

"She's ugh." I scratched the back of my neck. "She's not alive." I said saying it in kind of a weird tone of voice.

"Oh." He said scared, and sorrow was in his voice. "Sorry, I didn't mean to go to far into your personal business."

"It's fine." I said throwing a box away. I went to go pick up another one, but it was really heavy, and my skinny arms weren't going to even let me lift the box an inch off the ground.

"Here." Liam came over to me and picked up the box like it was a feather and set it on the table. He opened the box for me pulled out a microwave. He set it down on the counter and plugged it in.

"Thanks." I said grabbing another box.

"No problem." My dad came down the stairs and looked at us. He looked at me confused, and Liam didn't even notice him there, he was busy putting some knives away. My dad waved me away and went back outside to talk to Uncle John.

"So tell me something about you." I said as I turned around and pulled some plates out of a box.

"What's there to know? I'm a High Schooler with no life." He said laughing.

"Well I doubt that's true but, what do you like to do?"

Liam looked kind of uncomfortable. "Ugh I like fixing cars." He said as we finished up the kitchen boxes.

"Really? My dads going to be managing a mechanical business that my Uncle owns."

"Yeah I know your Uncle, I work for him." He said smiling.

"That's cool, I guess I'll get to see you a lot."

"Yeah, and at school of course. Which by the way, would you want me to pick you up and take you to school tomorrow?" He said as we walked towards the door.

"Sure." I smiled.

"Okay be ready at 7:30." He said standing outside.

"7:30? That early?" I said laughing.

"You bet doll, I'll cya later." He said winking. I peeked around the corner of the front door and watched Liam walk home. Not to be creepy or anything, but he was really hot. And when he called me doll, it just made me want him even more. Which isn't creepy...

"Don't dig your bets on a guy you just met." My dad said going past me as I heard Uncle Johns truck drive off.

"What?" I said following him as he walked into the kitchen. My dad walked up to a kitchen drawer that had Spoons, knives, and forks in it. He pulled a slip of yellow paper out of it and handed it to me.

"The boys a classic." He said as he walked past me once again and closed the door to his bedroom.

"Night to you too." I said looking at the paper, that had Liam's number on it. It was signed with Liam's name and a heart was in the corner. I smiled and pulled out my cellphone and I saved his number to my phone.

I ran up to my room and opened my window looking for a signal so I could send him a text. But ofcourse my crappy phone didn't work. I saw movement from Liam's house and noticed Liam in the window smiling. "Long time no see." I laughed.

"If I'm getting up early, I need to sleep at least." I said, not really wanting to talk. I hadn't slept in like a day, because of the airplane.

"Egh all you girls take to long to get ready." He said looking away, and then looking back at me.

"That's offensive." I said laughing acting hurt.

"Go to bed!" I heard my dad yell, obviously he wasn't in the mood. And it was getting dark, and I could barely see Liam's face now.

"Thanks a lot now I'm in trouble." I said groaning. Liam laughed.

"Night love." He said before I closed my window and waved goodbye. Love? He called me Love? I blushed and changed into my PJ's quickly before throwing myself onto my bed and falling into a deep sleep.


A/N: Okay guys I stayed up late just so I could upload this for you guys. I don't know how this book will go. But, I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite books to write. Make sure to check out the trailer! My friend AlyJaneBlu made it for me, and she's made two trailers for me now! Anyways, make sure to comment, like, favorite, and fan me! Thanks guys xoxo. Hope you guys like this book :)

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