Assassins Creed [Descending Grounds]

The Black Flag is a mystery to some, so experiencing a primary ground would be a structure to build onto this mystery. The Templar Order have many secrets, not only the ones that we find out and know already; shocking truths still stay hidden to other orders. The Assassin order is not pleased with what's taking place around the giant town, the grounds that many un-seek is below the depths of a drowning corpse.

Under the sea lies a ton of truths and mystery, it's hard to believe what they may encounter - as for the Templar order, I'm sure it's a race against time for both orders, whilst a true darker force scatters over the ashes of deaths around the area, so what is this? Why are the Grounds so important...


1. The Templar Order

Chapter 1 – The Templar Order

The stenches left behind on the cold blooded grounds; it’s intoxicating to even forget of such filth. A second figure stands for justice, whilst the others are there to protect; as far as one would go just to seek what they have been looking for this whole time... well, I can say it’s no walk in the park, unless you delve into the toxic swamp age of oblivion, something we would never dare to say; so why... is the grounds something to be threatened by? Something far worse surely lies in these areas...

“Jacob Helen, a man who has no wills; the only signs we ever could have found on this man is blood. He carried a lot of it; around all areas of the templar’s order, we named him filth under our finger nails, he is a deep secret surely”...

*** Back when Jacob Helen joined our order ***

“You may take what is left behind, yet you still shall fall onto the blade of a next, in-fact your skulls could smear over the walls; leaving behind a stench that is everlasting or you could just let me in...”

Jacob Helen’s threat was unnoticed to all of the templar’s standing in-front of him. It was more of a shock when he arrived, most of us were preparing ourselves; whilst this man shows a sign of threats and misfortune, and it was a little breath taking for some of the women on board.

“Oh Jacob, you know how to honour our presence around such a delicate lady, I myself is” a woman praised near the filths feet. It made the templar’s a little more confused with why he is being given so much obedience for this man’s presence.

“Well, If I had to be honest with just you around me, it would be a tale for the ages”, Jacob Helen coughed, speaking in a French accent.

*** The Present that seems to be correct ***

“I want all of those swab’s flocking the area, just to take on what pain rives under the seas” a voice spoke, as he walked into our hold; past the guards, showing the blade we thought had been lost...

“H-hang on a minute” A guard squealed, placing his silver rapier in-front of the stranger.

“I’m sorry did you just ask me to stand back, maybe you never heard what I said...” the stranger re-introduced himself, not long before taking down one of our guard members.

The stranger lunged with his mysterious blade into the guard’s chest, whilst he swings again to take out some of the armour our guard had been wearing. In just minutes the guard fell to the stranger’s feet; no words from his mouth, just oozing out liquids...

“Hang on a minute, who do you think you are, swinging an unknown weapon...” another guard tried to create a fuss that was soon ended by the stranger’s second words.

“Excuse me gentle-man, you surely did not swing in the quakes of the seas” the stranger whispered; placing his mysterious blade back into his unknown quiver.

The templar’s were clear to see that this stranger was no push over. He was more of a treasure hunter by the looks of his clothing, it was soon discovered that this stranger was more than a treasure hunter... the templar’s sat down holding onto their weapons in-case this stranger plays a third card to escalate our matters further.

“So... you travel by sea huh?” One of the templar’s said with a cough at the end of his sentence.

“If you must know, I travel by all seas; across the waters that I call oblivion” the stranger said, as he stroked the end of his beard. His eyes then moved onto our leader, he surely seemed intrigued.

*** Back in the Abstergo ***

“Look, Jacob Rives I want you to be honest with the people around you”, Warren introduced himself to Jacob, it was unanswered to why he was awoken; yet he was allowed to speak with Warren.

“Being like that to my people, I don’t know if I’m cut out for this; the order that I got into... I did it my own way, your savageness; it certainly didn’t show anything decent...” Jacob spoke in a devious voice.

“Listen boy, I am not going to be pushed around by another subject who is too obedient for such projects” Warren lost his temper with Jacob, soon putting him back to unawake.

Jacob may now be back, as for someone else who needed a warm welcome; another scientist who seemed to stay low with Warren; the fact that he never seemed to happy to meet him, only made the relationship between these two cold as ice.

“Warren, ah, my good old friend; it’s been a long time since I left this place... I remember when you said many things to our subjects, yes... you were certainly clumsy now and then” – the old friend of Warrens skipped his introduction; inviting himself inside the building.

“W-what are you doing here, I don’t want you around my subjects, and it’s too risky with you here!” Warren was already angered by Jacob’s lack of skills to understand such truths, as for his anger getting a little out of control. He screamed at his old friend with the mightiness of his voice.

“Ha-ha- I see you have changed in these years... it makes me wonder whether you were ever someone to be capable of dealing with such... progress”, the old friend of Warren’s said.

“You may call me Warren, yet my name is else; something you can’t pick up since these years passed!” Warren screamed, holding a sharp metal object above his old friend’s head.

*** Back with the world ***

The stranger was now playing his third card, we retrieved what we expected. Until the so-called Jacob placed his card of death. I guess little life means little words after-all... well I think so, at-least.

“This is an outrage, my name is Jacob; I do not indeed to follow any more of your crazy instructions!” Jacob screamed; looking up at the ceiling for some unknown reason...

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