Assassins Creed [Descending Grounds]

The Black Flag is a mystery to some, so experiencing a primary ground would be a structure to build onto this mystery. The Templar Order have many secrets, not only the ones that we find out and know already; shocking truths still stay hidden to other orders. The Assassin order is not pleased with what's taking place around the giant town, the grounds that many un-seek is below the depths of a drowning corpse.

Under the sea lies a ton of truths and mystery, it's hard to believe what they may encounter - as for the Templar order, I'm sure it's a race against time for both orders, whilst a true darker force scatters over the ashes of deaths around the area, so what is this? Why are the Grounds so important...


3. The Ex’s Order

Chapter 3 – The Ex’s Order

“Do you think that possibly, just possibly – my death would be the answer to madness?” Warren asked, he had started to accept his ex’s advice. Questioning himself with sadness, he felt sorry...

“Ha-ha, well it wouldn’t be a straight answer... that’s for sure, although leaving you behind would be pretty devious. I’d have to accept your will and our wedding vowels too” Warren’s ex replied with a smile, she seemed to feel closer to Warren for once.

As reassuring as she seemed, she certainly was no advice girl. She had been holding onto some very dangerous members, she even uses assassination to precede her missions. These tasks and so called missions aren’t even run by a professional. Instead, Warren’s ex makes up several tasks and missions, she chooses without doubts. Her smile may have seemed friendly, yet deep down – something far worse hides beneath all her beauty.

*** Back in the Project ***

“Possibly... I’ve heard a lot about her, she seems to be a thief from the templar order, and...” A man whispered, soon to be rudely interrupted by his sister.

“Ha-ha, I think that she is a danger to our lives, and all rest will be assured if we destroy her. Her blood could be the message I’m looking for, I need some kind of message!” The sister replied, she laughed with an evil grin. Her eyes rolled from her brother’s obedience.

*** Back in reality ***

“I know you seem a little... w-well, Okay-okay you seem fragile in the mind...?” Warren’s ex whispered, her soothing voice kept Warren’s action at bay.

“Professor, Professor you need to sign this- oops, sorry for interrupting you Amy...” Rebecca stepped into the room without knocking; she had seen Warren and Amy’s closer relationship with her own eyes. She didn’t like what she saw, making quick judgements – she decided to walk out of the room.

“Huh, was that Rebecca...? Give me a few minutes alright babe, I’ll make sure that she stays away from our alone time” Amy replied, giving Warren no choice but to listen.

Warren’s ex has a name; we all knew this at the time. Her name had been said and revealed pretty simply – Amy she may go by. Although Rebecca’s word, never go by what she says, Rebecca does have a history of lies and past crimes. It’s a wonder to why Warren would hire such idiots; well she may have been intelligent – although she were a criminal. It made no sense on why Warren chose her, and this didn’t matter to neither of them...?

Leaving Warren alone once again, only it had been different since it was his ex leaving him alone, Amy did promise him she’d be back though? Amy had already walked out of the room, and something shocking did seem to occur. Rebecca’s sexy movement across the labs outside hallways, Amy had started to wonder if Rebecca had been sleeping with her man.

Judging a book by its cover, I think this is needed now don’t you...?

Slotted into a leather quiver behind Amy’s back had been her weapon. Rebecca had no defence or nothing to protect herself with. They were already several differences between the two, Rebecca didn’t believe in fighting, well not now at least. The so called Amy believed in violence and criminal actions. Her weapon made that clear to many of her victims, it’s like water under the bridge...

“Huh, what do you want?” Rebecca asked she had seen the so called Amy behind her. Her intelligence was less than predictable – Rebecca had a lot of experience with spies, so she knew how to react when one is behind her.

“S-shut up” Amy screamed, grabbing Rebecca by the throat and making her threats once more.

Poor Rebecca had been mistaken; she thought that her friend had goodness inside of her. She even felt that possibly the so called Amy could be her twin sister. Sadly she was wrong, and for the price of being wrong – well it was certainly no bargain. Warren’s ex is known for murder, so this wouldn’t be the first or possibly even the last. Amy will do anything to get what she wants...

“L-let go of me, Sis I want you to calm down... come on!” Rebecca replied, she did think of screaming – until she remembered that possibly her soothing voice would relax Amy. Once again she had been mistaken, Amy lied to Rebecca – and this was soon to be revealed, judging by her evil grin.

“Ha-ha-ha, Rebecca is your name, am I correct?” Amy asked, this question rested on Rebecca’s terms.

“Y-you know my name... erm, I don’t...” Rebecca replied, and she soon remembered that she has no clue what her friends name is. However, she had heard her name before...

Dragged by her hair, Amy threw Rebecca into a small room; inside this room was a lot of cramped up junk. The tables looked broken down, and the metal supports were looking more than rusted. Instead of hiding Rebecca, Amy locked herself inside the room with Rebecca, forcing Rebecca her dear friend to spill what she really is...

“W-what did you do that for...?” Rebecca asked her question had been ignored; this was made obvious when Amy dragged her face against the rusted supports.

“Shut up, you need to lower your tone bitch” Amy replied whilst making a new threat to her friend.

The supports already looked rusted, and judging by Rebecca’s horrified face it didn’t look like a safe place to be. Rebecca’s poor face had been smeared against the rusty supports in the room. Her face had been covered in dust and sap dripping from a small tree. The supports must have been placed against a tree. Amy made her final threat to Rebecca, forcing her to spill...

“Now we can keep this up and you’re being fine – possibly a few bruises and cuts. Your face could even be removed with a simple change. Your choice though, and if that’s not your game, I’ll make sure you suffer for the pain you’ve done to my husband”

“I...” Rebecca tried to answer, until Amy’s temper got the better of her and forced her to create carnage to a poor now terrified Rebecca.

Amy grabbed Rebecca again, smearing her wrists against the rust. This caused a lot of pain to poor Rebecca, her wrists began to bleed. At least her face wasn’t too damaged, it may have been bruised a little, and she felt that beauty meant nothing... Amy had other thoughts – this made her drag Rebecca once again. She may be able to resist Amy’s actions, although Rebecca couldn’t...

“Warren and I...?” Rebecca whispered, she then gasped for air.

“Ha-ha, Warren and you...? I think you’ve been mistaken girlfriend, here... let me help you with that crush of yours” Amy laughed, she had misheard Rebecca’s words.

Warren and I, it was sad to hear. Amy’s aggression got worse, and her true colours were finally being shown. Finally equipped with her two handed weapon, she threw Rebecca against the sticky sap tree. The stickiness is very hard to escape, and this was certainly an easy kill. Amy made the most of this, instead of leaving Rebecca stuck to a tree; she decided to make it more devilish.

“I’m a little... I’m a little stuck!” Rebecca screamed with the remainder of her air, and she still kept her oxygen steadily. It had been a little harder though, and stuck to a dying tree didn’t seem right...

“Stuck...? Perhaps, and this matters to who? Rebecca and Warren, I would just love to feel that wouldn’t you?” Amy asked whilst striking Rebecca’s left foot with her weapon.

“Ah! Get off me, let me go!” Rebecca kept her oxygen steadily, and the pain made Rebecca’s steadiness go off the rails. Her gasps were now much longer, and her breathing got a little delayed.

Poor Rebecca’s injured left foot; it had been crushed into the dying tree. The stickiness on the tree’s dark bark caused Rebecca’s blood to settle. She was crying inside, her poor left foot had been mangled into a dying plant. Amy didn’t see any goodness or anything for that matter, she just used this so called situation to keep her busy. She had planned this for a long time, according to Amy’s last diary entry; she made it pretty clear that Rebecca was not to be trusted.

Amy unequipped her weapon, her sharp silver blade that shines through sunlight. Instead of finishing Rebecca’s almost lifeless body, she used this as the perfect time to talk to her. The truth was that this was certainly not the time for talking. If she had been a pure heart of goodness, possibly she would have got help. Instead, Amy made her gestures and her speech.

“Rebecca, my dear friend – look at that blood. Doesn’t it look a little stranger to you...? I mean, well I’ve seen a lot of blood in my days, and this certainly looks like a different colour. The shock on your face makes me think you want more suffering, I don’t see what you want though Rebecca. I just see a cloud of darkness mocking me and you. The rain doesn’t look right either does it?” Amy spoke; her speech had sounded like crazy talk to Rebecca.

“Y-you are no goodie, you are just a pain...” Rebecca tried to talk; she wanted to be truthful with her friend. Instead of screaming at Amy, she wasted her breaths on stating why she hates Amy.

The sticky sap still oozing from the dying tree began to cover Rebecca’s long hair. The sap’s stickiness circled around her body too. Still with clothes on, Rebecca’s blood startled to settle on the tree. Her foot still mangled into the bark, It was a shame that Rebecca would lose something she needs. Amy on the other hand, she still had her body parts. It would be a wonder if she had ruined Rebecca completely...

“Y-you know what my mother used to tell me Rebecca? She told me that time heals the wounds, and if that had been true... I would have felt a little happier wouldn’t you agree...? I laughed at her mostly, even mocked her looks. Her long brown hair just surrounding my body, it would be a shock to see her again. I mean, she had the cuteness down – and her bright blue eyes kept me enhanced”.

“Y-you still can see her... you can still be the girl your mother wanted you to be...” Rebecca whispered, still gasping for air. Her breathing started to pick up speed, and her chest was no longer feeling movement.

Amy placed her bloody left hand against Rebecca’s chest, feeling for her heart beats. The blood was no longer flowing from her foot, it seemed to have glued into the tree’s sap. Rebecca could still speak a little, and her gasping and panting reminded Amy on her previous kills. She would have felt it was a little satisfying, although deep down – she actually didn’t want Rebecca to die like this...

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