Assassins Creed [Descending Grounds]

The Black Flag is a mystery to some, so experiencing a primary ground would be a structure to build onto this mystery. The Templar Order have many secrets, not only the ones that we find out and know already; shocking truths still stay hidden to other orders. The Assassin order is not pleased with what's taking place around the giant town, the grounds that many un-seek is below the depths of a drowning corpse.

Under the sea lies a ton of truths and mystery, it's hard to believe what they may encounter - as for the Templar order, I'm sure it's a race against time for both orders, whilst a true darker force scatters over the ashes of deaths around the area, so what is this? Why are the Grounds so important...


2. Jacob Is No Order?

Chapter 2 - Jacob Is No Order?

*** Back to reality ***

“Jacob, why have you decided to join such order?” Warren asked, he was still confused with why his old friend would bring such a revisit to someone he despised.

“Ha-ha-ha, Warren my pal, I don’t think you understand the whistling of those who fall. I am here for the project that you should have abandoned years ago...” Jacob replied, he had already lost his temper, one false move now and it could all be over.

The room was certainly filling with tension; Warren had bitten off more than he could chew. Jacob on the other hand, he had enough to bite off, he had the power in mind. Before Warren revealed the project had been abandoned for several years, Jacob interfered. Leaving poor Warren on the floor in pain, Jacob had stolen the value of such a sufficient project. The making for several years...?

“Y-you... can’t just leave like that! It’s a democracy if you leave such place sacred. That project will not save you; it will most likely destroy you!” Warren shouted, trying to hold in the pain he wishes would go away.

“No-no, with such power, Warren my pal thinks of the possibilities of taking down the final orders. It wouldn’t be so difficult; I would just have to set a new branch. That branch would extend to the point of death and hollow. I could take the world by force, or... what’s left of it...?

Warren was not informed about Jacob’s visit, he hadn’t even thought about what this man could do to his career. If Jacob wants such power, why didn’t he steal the power he had the opportunity to take years ago...? Something isn’t right; Warren had figured that this Jacob is rather insane or something far worse. He had tactics and reasons in mind, what could this mean...?

“That power... Jacob, why didn’t you just steal what you wanted years ago...?” Warren asked, trying to lift himself off the ground he had laid in.

“B-Because, I’m no fool friend, that was you setting me up back then, the official orders between us... You are not part of the group I expected; you are the master of all of the destruction! The pain you’ve caused to my heart, I feel so heartbroken...” Jacob said, as he kicked Warren in the shin.

“Break my kneecaps for all I care! You will not be able to be that someone else, my project will not possess you the power you wish. Deep inside the core, you wish to find true love...” Warren replied, still trying to lift himself off the ground.

“E-Enough enough of these mindless games, you give me no choice old friend, this lab needs to go down in a blaze. I would say the inferno, although you have no idea what you’ve been set up for...”

Any amount of time was worth such a dangerous disaster. Life changing...? Well Warren thought differently, he had his focus on what he loved the most. Whilst Jacob felt the need to finish his old friend, trespassers finish last, he believed in that line, he calls himself the enemy line mostly. Although, deep within such a sacred lack of darkness, lives a true heart of wonder...

“If you bring me to my knees, I shall not beg- begging is past me now...” Jacob said, walking past Warrens injured kneecaps. Only a matter of time, he would have whispered...

“Bringing y-you to your knees is no joke, I would gladly do such an honour, at-least we can trust each other then right, an eye for an eye. Well how about your leg for my needs” Warren replied, giving Jacob the offer which could be easily refused.

The lab was a little damaged; Jacob had created a storm of madness surrounding Warren’s injured body. You’d think that after all this damage, why would Jacob want something more than pure sadness...? Well the questions vary in one, and possibly many other ways too... Most of the project had been sacred, I mean – who would want to lose so much?

Around Warren were specks of dust, it was starting to cover a dark shadow. Jacob retrieved the object, or some kind of artefact he would call a jewel of life and fled. Knowing that his battles have ended, He accepted faith, and faith has now given him the wings to stand. Flying would be outrageous – he is old right...?

“S-sorry old friend, business calls – and if you remember my little talk last time we met. I’m sure you would agree with me, after all that gibberish of me and you talking, the heart is what counts...? No, I say down to that, how about it burns – scars the blood huh...? Nope, well it’s a true cause of death...” Jacob said before leaving Warren alone, he left with what he had come for.

Giving Warren some alone time, well it weren’t a bad idea and certainly wasn’t intentional. It had given some time for Warren to think back through his past. His whole life had been a lie – at least it’s what he kept saying. He believed in a future with no bounds, maybe this could be the cause? Before Warren could think a little more, his ex assistant had shown up to talk to him.

“C-can you give me a minute Rebecca, I need to talk to someone special” a voice was heard from around the corner. Warren heard the voice clearly, a female perhaps...? It had been his ex...

Entering the room Warren was sitting in against the wall, the female figure approached with caution, she had also been armed with a blade. It was wonder to why she would hold such weapon, nothing could hurt her. Warren’s mood swings may have been the cause, although his ex’s mother may have a past worth forgetting. It’s sick to the mind, horrible to think of, and if only it weren’t true...

“Y-you have no business here, why don’t you just leave an old guy to re-think what went wrong...!” Warren’s temper had already started, he shouted from the top of his voice.

“B-business Professor, I have the rights to be in this room, and you have the rights to surrender” the female figure replied, Warren was a little impressed with her bravery to come forward.

“Explain then please, I would love to hear your stupid pathetic reason... and make it sound so emotional, I might just hold you to your own words before. Remember the past, nope...? Good.” Warren replied, his temper had finished, moving straight to plan B which had been to use intelligence of a true genius to tamper with the girls mind.

The female figure finally stepped out of the darkness; she was no longer hiding in shadows. For the first time ever, she casted a shadow over Warren’s injured body. He had been surprised to see his ex, after all this time. He had some explaining to do though, he the world on his shoulders...

“A-ah... so you have finally decided to talk huh? It’s about time you’re kneeling down; you should have done this, years ago. Why, well look at this finger- do you see a ring on it?” the female replied, asking Warren such a question made him re-think his next steps.

“Ha-ha-ha, a ring on your finger would be like opening a hell gate, imagine what chaos you’d bring to my lab. Imagine what dangerous causes you could return to my hands. My life is now protected no thanks to you, and I’ve moved on after all those years. I think... you should do the same!” Warren started talking once more, expressing his true emotions on how he thinks about things.

The female, the Warren’s ex revealed her identity to Warren once more. Nothing made sense though, the identity didn’t prove who she was, Warren expected better from such a thief. It wasn’t long until Warren figured out that his ex is already in grave danger. She sort of hinted such a message with her fake identity. Warren remembers his ex’s name differently, so he decided to talk to her...

“Ha-ha, I’ve figured you o-out already ex, I’ve mastered what you couldn’t, and I’m shocked to see that you did all this to escape a little run down. If it was this simple to fake my identity, the world would be in serious trouble. Including your precious life too, it would all drain in a manner I’ve my own. I would be shocked to see you on the edge holding onto my hand” Warren said, explaining to his ex that he is no idiot.

“T-the only hints you’ve had is my identity, and you call yourself a Professor. I’d be damned if you actually gave a hoot about me and you. I am no thief – I choose to be what I am, and this makes the snatching a little easier than before. One precious jewel back then always occurred to me though; it was something that could be replaced. I am not the girl who reasons or who softens to a man’s touch” Warren’s ex replied, many of the facts were there.

Warren had another deep thought, he was now thinking of the orders that ruined many of his closest friends. Running such a project – keeping lives and reality in mind, his ex could never see why Warren would do such a thing. He had been responsible for a number of crimes, his ex just saw a jewel inside him, and it had been something far more reachable than any other jewel she’s stolen before, it would require pain and suffering however...

“You’ve had your eyes on jewels before we met, I figured that out already babe” Warren replied, keeping in mind that his ex maybe someone he isn’t used to...

“B-babe, don’t ever call me that until I see a ring on this finger. Until then, I shall be more focussed on a mission I’m willing to go solo on. It would be a simple procedure too, I could do it now, providing I have the correct tools” Warren’s ex whispered, slowly helping up Warren from the ground, he had been a little thankful – although he didn’t trust her...

“A-and what about the weapon you were wielded with huh...? Where did that go all of a sudden...?” Warren asked, his question may cost him something dear to him though...

“If you are still questioning my authorities, I suggest you sit back down and I will break you. If that’s not what you wish for. I’d be happy to apply your wish of a lonely death, and you shall live in peace” Warren’s ex replied, she had been giving threats out since day one...

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