The Boy Next Door (harry styles fanfic)

Imagen if you lived next door to 1/5 of one direction... Well this is what happend to Y/N (can not think of a name :)) a new boy moves next to her the morning she wakes up but she gets a suprize of who the boy next door is does she go all fan like on him when she finds out will she ever find out?? Or will she act all calm and just get on with her life ?? And will they get along with each other??
Find out in
The Boy Next Door


5. Prologue :) enjoy :)

Prologue ENJOY :)

I walked out of my flat and when i opened my front door a blast of music came to my ears why is there loud musicin the MORNING!! And it is next door there is no one there ??!! 

'thats what i thought'

Suddenly the music stopped and it turned silent next door maybe it is a robber stealing stuff and music turned on accidentle ?? I dont if i should be worried or not i quicky sprinted back into my apartment and searched my flat for a thing to knock out the robber thats when i heard big thumps from next door like they are moving something i have been in london for a while and lived in this flat that seemed like it was ages i have lived here everyone is nice in my floor andi still do get worried that flat has had no one in the flat since i moved in people say a man who apparently owed something to this gang and next thing they knew he left all his things in the flat and ran ...... 

Anyway i found a lamp at my bed side table and once i unplugged it i sprinted back to my front door .........................................,.................


Hopefully you liked the prologue : ) 

Please show your support :) love my fans :) My CRAZY MOFOS :) anyway 


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