The Boy Next Door (harry styles fanfic)

Imagen if you lived next door to 1/5 of one direction... Well this is what happend to Y/N (can not think of a name :)) a new boy moves next to her the morning she wakes up but she gets a suprize of who the boy next door is does she go all fan like on him when she finds out will she ever find out?? Or will she act all calm and just get on with her life ?? And will they get along with each other??
Find out in
The Boy Next Door


8. Maybe starting again?

A/N: Hi guys..

I feel so bad for you people cause my fanfics are awful and I left you hanging for a looooong time 😂

BUT I'm back and I might start again.. Well if I still know you guys exist out there lol, and if you are im SO SORRY, you don't know how sorry I am that I have left you 😘 so hopefully see you soon...

All the love, -T

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