The Boy Next Door (harry styles fanfic)

Imagen if you lived next door to 1/5 of one direction... Well this is what happend to Y/N (can not think of a name :)) a new boy moves next to her the morning she wakes up but she gets a suprize of who the boy next door is does she go all fan like on him when she finds out will she ever find out?? Or will she act all calm and just get on with her life ?? And will they get along with each other??
Find out in
The Boy Next Door


7. Finishing Work for the week


I went to work and saw my boss miranda already waiting for me i looked at her and smiled she then waved at me to come over i started to scurry over to her

"Hi Boss"

i said trying to start a conversation going,mirand was weird around me she would not talk to me like she does to the other workers here or smile at me she just glared at me and said

"Tyler is not in today to do her shift so what i am trying to say here that you will have to do more work today okay?"

she did not even look at me her head was facing  the other side of the cafe to not have any eye contact with me

"errmmm...i...dont know..."

she instantly swung her head around to face me with a annoyed look plasted on her face

"i will raise your salary up a bit"

she said still facing me waving her hands around the place

"great you will do it.......Now GET ON WITH IT!!"

she said with out giving me a chance to speak disipering into the kitchen i guess i have to get on with it now GREAT oh well more money for me,its pay day today too

==============================closing the cafe============================

FINALLY last customer all done with i started to skip to the kitchen where miranda is


a voice i noticed as a annoyed miranda because she probably hates me i went into the kitchen where i heard her voice and saw miranda holding money what i call my money or salary in her hands

"i have added tylers salary too it"

she said giving me the money and got the keys to lock the cafe signalling me to get out

"see you next week"

i said waving to miranda walking into the darkness with only the moon as my light



Tommorow i am moving to were my friend used to live well the same flat any way i hope my neighbours are nice hopefully.

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