The Boy Next Door (harry styles fanfic)

Imagen if you lived next door to 1/5 of one direction... Well this is what happend to Y/N (can not think of a name :)) a new boy moves next to her the morning she wakes up but she gets a suprize of who the boy next door is does she go all fan like on him when she finds out will she ever find out?? Or will she act all calm and just get on with her life ?? And will they get along with each other??
Find out in
The Boy Next Door


2. Authors note :) important :)

Hey hey readers by the way i was thinking the one with the most info will be chossen but i am thinking of adding harrys old girlfriend ya know so there relationship will last and only some things will happen with the old girlfriend but the old girlfriend will have a few moment and i mean a few and then they will split up and then that will be it who wants to that charater ???put in the comments idf you want to and you have o do the same for the ones who want to be the next door neighbor and jsut say that i want to be the old girlfriend in your comment 

So sorry if its confusing :)


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