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Inspired by Rachel Renee Russell's Dork Diaries. Polly Oliver is not popular, in fact Polly Oliver is the opposite of popular; she's a total geek! But Polly's hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame ways in the past. But life is never that simple...


6. Wednesday, September 4

My new issue of Secrets to Happiness magazine says the secret to happiness is the four F's: Friends, Fun, Fashion and Flirting. But, unfortunately, the closest I've ever got to friends, fun, fashion and flirting is having a locker right next to Annabelle Posie. She's the most popular girl in the WHOLE school. Lucky me! :( The worst thing about her is that all of her friends are ALWAYS in front of MY locker GGG-ing ( Giggling, Gossiping and Glossing) and they NEVER let me in my locker! If I ask if I can get into my locker Annabelle just glares at me and mutters, " What's her problem?" or " Why's she stalking us?" And I'm like, Girlfriend, I don't have no STINKIN' problem! Anyway, when I finally got through the massive croud it suddenly, as if by magic, split apart in the centre like the Red Sea or something! Then I saw Annabelle strutting down the aisle like she was on a fashion show or something! She had blonde hair and blue eyes and was dressed like she just left a photo shoot. And everyone ( meaning except me) fell under her evil spell. "Hi Annabelle!" "I saw you in Hollister yesterday Annabelle!" " Love your shoes, Annabelle!" " I'll break my leg if only you'll sit with me at lunch, Annabelle!" Unfortunately, a very dark side of me would love to be friends with Annabelle! That side of me makes me want to .....VOMIT!! But on a much happier note, I'm into lip gloss too. At the moment, my favourite is Krazy Kissalicious where apparently, your crush will ask you out whenever you wear it! Unfortunately, no supercute hunk ( like James Harlow, the guy who sits in front of me in biology), has developed a crush on me like on the Krazy Kissalicious adverts. But hey! It could happen! Oh, I almost forgot! My dad is supposed to be picking me up from school for my dentist appointment today. PLEASE don't let him pick me up in his van with the huge roach on it! I would DIE if someone found out I attend this school due to his bug extermination contract!
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