Geek Gossip

Inspired by Rachel Renee Russell's Dork Diaries. Polly Oliver is not popular, in fact Polly Oliver is the opposite of popular; she's a total geek! But Polly's hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame ways in the past. But life is never that simple...


9. Saturday, September 7

My mum and dad are driving me NUTS! In the past 72 hours they have posted all over the house 139 positive affirmations on rainbow-coloured sticky notes that say really stupid things like: "Be your OWN best friend. Invite YOURSELF over for a sleepover!" Unfortunately, I never got a chance to read the one they stuck in the toaster slot thingy because it caught on fire when I tried to make toast for breakfast. I had to dump my glass of orange juice on the sticky note to put it out. And after that the toaster started melting, shooting blue electrical sparks and making a loud, angry noise like: GRRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGG!! I'm thinking we're probably going to need a new one. But, what was really SCARY was that our house could have actually burnt to the ground. All because my parents stuck a sticky note in the toaster slot thingy. I know my mum and dad mean well, but sometimes they're an EMBARRASSMENT!
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