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Inspired by Rachel Renee Russell's Dork Diaries. Polly Oliver is not popular, in fact Polly Oliver is the opposite of popular; she's a total geek! But Polly's hoping that by moving to a new school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame ways in the past. But life is never that simple...


11. Monday, September 9

This morning the halls were plastered with colourful posters for the Art Garde, our annual school art show. I'm SUPER-excited because the first prize for each category is £500, cash! SWEET! That would be enough for me to buy a phone, a new outfit from the shopping centre AND art supplies. But most importantly, winning that award could transform me from an ART GEEK to an ART DIVA practically overnight! Who would of thought my art skills could get me into the CCP group?! So I rushed down to the school office to get an entry form and was surprised to see a line had already formed. And guess who else was there picking one up? Annabelle!!!! Okay. I'll admit I FREAKED OUT about having to compete against Annabelle She just kept staring at me with her icy-blue eyes, and my stomach felt queasy and I got goosebumps. That's when I spotted the yellow sign-up sheet for library shelving assistants, also know as LSAs. Every day during study, a few kids get excused to go to the school library to shelve books. An LSA's life is about as exciting as watching paint dry. So instead of trying to achieve my dream of winning a major art competition, I very STUPIDLY signed up to shelve DUSTY and BORING LIBRARY BOOKS! And it's all Annabelle's fault!! When I reported to the library during study, the librarian, Mrs Prott, gave me a tour. She told me I would be working with two other girls who had signed up last week. But what I wanted to know was WHO in their right mind would sign up to shelve library books as an EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY! At least I had a good excuse!
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