Reborn to love( A Harry Styles fan-fic)

Hello guys! This is a Harry Styles fan-fic, a romance, a love story .Some things you should know before you start reading it:

1) Its not finished yet thats why it might have some errors in it also because english is not my language,so im waiting ur opinions and suggestions

2) some places are just in my imagination,some others are in london. Even the names or magazines,radios etc are invented.

. Hope you like it :)


6. Reborn

*** DOCTOR P.O.V***

The young lady’s decision impressed me. Few were those who decide to donate organs after the loss of their relatives. The list of patients in need of  a heart was long, but the compatibility of Conor’s heart matched with someone in particular. It was my mission as a doctor to save lives, and I was happy that a life would be saved by this action quite noble of Miss Evellene.


***JADE P.O.V***

In the following days i noticed that Ev was unusually silent and the look in her eyes started to scare me. Her face was pail, she lost a lot of weight and that beautiful smile; I forgot it once existed. The light in her eyes was fading along with her hopes to see Conor getting better. I was basically a sister to her but I was feeling so helpless that I hated myself. I didn’t want to see her desire to live fading with Conor’s life, she was just 20, with a bright future ahead. NO! I couldnt let my best friend to get lost in those endless nightmares inside her head.After talking to the doctor about her decision to do the heart transplant, she didn’t speak a single word. She had no strength left to cry, or to speak .. or live ...She kept passing days in her agony..I couldn’t enter in Conors room the following days, the view of him laying there tortured me during those sleepless nights.El spent every single moment next to him, sitting near his bed, bringing back all the wonderful memories they had and all those plans that could never come true..It felt like there wasnt enough air for both of us to breath inside Conor's room, i was suffocating, so i left. Walking towards the starts of the second floor, a familiar voice attracted my attention. I turned my head to see the door of  the doctor's office a bit open. The voices came from inside of his office. I took a spot to see more clear.I had always been the curious type and what i found out shocked me.I saw Robin, 1D's manager with a worried glace, arms crossed in front of his chest, nodding at what the doctor was saying.


Doctor: We already have found the donor to suit Harry's parameters, and we will transfer him to another clinic, completely isolated so that everything will remain a secret as u told me to be.


I froze!!! 1D's Harry was the patient in need for Conor's heart? Harry Styles??

Thats how i understood it all. Thats why 1D's tour was postponned in such a misterious way.Thats why Robin was so scared when we met me, he was worried to keep everything secret. Probably Harry would know who the donor his, but the doctor didnt give Ev any information about the patient who needed Conor's heart. I was shocked, i didnt know what to do, i just run out before anybore noticed me...


***HARRY P.O.V***

Honestly i wasnt sure about how many days or weeks i spent in that hospital. I thought i was going crazy, everything happened so fast. Thanks god the lads never left me alone, there were always 2 of them standing near my bed, trying to steal a smile from my worried face. I couldnt move because i was feeling so weak, i bet i looked terrible too. The chest pain were more frequent from day to day. All i kept thinking those days were our tour dates, the fans would be so disappointed and sad, it made me so sad, we did everything to make them happy and now i failed..That day i remembered i just woke up when i heard a lot of happy voices outside. THA LADS! They came in, happy faces, bright smiles. I've been missing that view so much and then a goup hug, one of those who always gave me the right strength to go through the storm and fight.

Harry: Hey why so happy mates?

Zayn: You are so lucky bro, the doctor found it.

Liam: We made it Hazza. They'll transfer you to another clinic so you'll be safe.

Louis *holds Harrys hand* : i promise bro, this nightmare will end soon.

Niall: You'll be so reborn and refreshed man, ready to smash it again HAHAHA

I couldnt believe my ears. Was this even happening? Thank you for hearing my prays, thanks you for not letting me fail, for not letting me disappoint the fans and the lads.

Harry: Lads im so..i dont have words.. God bless his/her family, they are giving me a chance to live again. I want to know at least his/her name, ill be forever thankful to that family for being so human..


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