Reborn to love( A Harry Styles fan-fic)

Hello guys! This is a Harry Styles fan-fic, a romance, a love story .Some things you should know before you start reading it:

1) Its not finished yet thats why it might have some errors in it also because english is not my language,so im waiting ur opinions and suggestions

2) some places are just in my imagination,some others are in london. Even the names or magazines,radios etc are invented.

. Hope you like it :)


2. New begining..

The next 3 days passed rapidily doing all the preparations I needed to leave my country and to start a new life.Another call from London warmed up my soul.It was Jade,my childhood best friend,we have grown together.She did her studies in London and she introdused me with Conor,in her birthday party. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.From her call i understood that Conor told her about the good news. She was so excited,she knew me perfectly,we used to share our dreams together and with no doubt she was happy for me. Having her and Conor with me in London would make this big capital more familiar to me.With no hesitation Jade ofered to wait for me at the airport with Conor. Things seemed to be so perfect to me. The worst part was leaving my mom,practically the most precious person i had in my home-town.She was driving me at the airport and for the first time i felt so selfish. Yeah selfish for leaving her alone,after she dedicated me the most beautiful years of her life. I lost in memories,which brought back happyness and pain too.She was always there..Her words brought me back to reality.

Maria: Ev dear,are you ok?

Ev: hmm..yeah.i mean leaving you all alone,i dont know if i can resist without you near me..please promise you will come very often to visit me please mom *tears running down my cheeks*

Maria: My baby girl,you now i belong here,my job,my friends,my entire life was built here.I will be ok and you will too. Im sure Conor and Jade will take care about you like i do. Dont lose them,they have both gold-hearts.

She hurried to dry a tear running fast from my eyes. Mom hated to see me cry, she always wanted me to be strong and smile. She gave me a sweet kiss on my forehead and smiled.

Maria:Well time to leave for a better future honey,i love you!

Her hug gave me the strength to go on my way..

After 40 min i found myself in the plane,thinking about my career,my new life,and how wonderful would it be sharing all the success with the guy who stole my heart. For unknown reason i felt anxious and my head became havier. My chest started to hurt from some kind of stress i had.I took a look outside the small window,it was raining.Music always helps,so i decided to put my headphones trying to relax. I chose to listen the songs from Ryan's mp3,he gave it to me 2 days ago,when i met him. Ryan was one of my special friends,he was a brilliant student at arts and music was his strong point in a conversation.For some people he was the weird type,always going around with headphones on and forgeting the world. To me he was a future artist,an amazing one due to his talent. Once he invited me in the presentation of a project about British Pop music.It was isane all those details he analized. I smiled at myself scrolling down his playlist. Suddenly i found there one of his favourite groups, One Direction! Ryan told me a lot abouth how these 5 talented british/irish guys got together in XFactor UK 2010. Their story was incredible,the best example of how life can change complitely when u less aspect it.In two years they sold more than 9.5 million of cd in all other the wolrd,a total success in USA and worldwide,totally deserved. Their story used to inspire so and so boys and girl all over the world. I smiled and pushed "Play". The melody filled my ears ...


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