Reborn to love( A Harry Styles fan-fic)

Hello guys! This is a Harry Styles fan-fic, a romance, a love story .Some things you should know before you start reading it:

1) Its not finished yet thats why it might have some errors in it also because english is not my language,so im waiting ur opinions and suggestions

2) some places are just in my imagination,some others are in london. Even the names or magazines,radios etc are invented.

. Hope you like it :)


3. Fate...


When i opened my eyes i found myself there,London Airport. My first thought was if Jade and Conor were already there,i didnt want to let them wait anymore. " Just a few minutes Ev,just a little.." i whispeared to myself,trying to put myself together.

                                                           *** JADE P.O.V ***

It was one of those boring rainy days in London.Standing near the window ,i was staring through the trafic to find Conor's car,he called me saying he was coming for me to go together at the airport. At about 9 p.m my phone rang. It was Conor, i noticed from his voice he was pretty excited.

Conor: Jade hurry up,i dont want to get stuck in this terrible traffic.

I knew him perfectly,we did our studies together and since he lost both parents in a car crash,Ev was his everything. She was the only one who brought him back to life after all that pain Conor was going through.They were the best part of each other,the perfect couple.I've always found it adorable seeing them holding hands and get lost in each other eyes.

Jade: Calm down Con,we have enough time. Im coming.

I took my purse,closed the door rapidily and took the elevator. I found his car behind the street,he waved at me. I got in. He was nervous partly beacause of the traffic and the bad weather and partly bacause he was going to see Ev after such a long time.We drived for about 40 minutes when the storm began.The road was lightened but the thick fog around us made it almost impossible to see where we were driving.I turned off the tune because Conor was getting more nervous and he was trying to get more focus on the road ,something difficult due to the terrible storm.

I tried to see through the rain and i saw some curves and that part seemed so unsafe to drive along.The car moved from left to right in a minute.He acelerate.The car speed increased in a moment and something happened before we could understand ..Something horrible i will never forget...I felt terrified while a big deafening noise was heard from a strong inhibition..I decided in those nanoseconds to make something really dangerous and to take the risk of it; i opened the door and jumped off the car before it slipped some meters away and crashed with the roadside barriers..Conor lost the control of the car which was stil moving forward very fast...another car's klaxon was heard,it was a big truck going against our car ..its strong lights blinded my eyes,so i turned around..Oh my god,what happened?The crash was so strong..A short  fat man came down from the truck imidiately,his right hand had gone against the window and it was bleeding.My forehead was bleeding too,but i couldnt feel anything. I was just standing in the middle of the road like a statue,like an ice box.Conor was still in the car. The man asked me if i was ok,i waved at him,i had no words to say. Then he ran towards Conor's car.

Man: Call an ambulance,hurry up.

I did what he said without having the courage to get near the car. OMG,i complitely forgot about EV! She might have been waiting for us in the airport. What were i going to say to her? My hands started to trembel and i couldnt breathe. I grabed my phone and i was about to call her ,praying god to gave me the strength i needed to go through this, when i heard the man shouting: "He's alive..His heart  is stil beating.."Sirens were heard nearby..

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