Reborn to love( A Harry Styles fan-fic)

Hello guys! This is a Harry Styles fan-fic, a romance, a love story .Some things you should know before you start reading it:

1) Its not finished yet thats why it might have some errors in it also because english is not my language,so im waiting ur opinions and suggestions

2) some places are just in my imagination,some others are in london. Even the names or magazines,radios etc are invented.

. Hope you like it :)


5. Chapter 5

****EV P.O.V****
I think we wait in the hall for more than 48 hours and Conor was still without senses. As I remember the doctor didn’t give us much details or it was just me who couldn’t accept what was going on. In poor words, Conor was in coma because of the big crash. He also had other injuries but these were less important. Nobody knew when he was going to open his eyes, all we could do was wait..and wait..and all that pain was killing me. Everytime I saw the doctor I asked him for permission to see Conor and he always approved. Once again I went in his room. I opened the door quickly and walked through the room. I stoped near his bed. How can someone be strong enough to see the one she loves in that conditions? I couldn’t hold my tears. I’d read somewhere that patients in coma can hear every sound around them but they can’t react. I had spent the last 2 days beside him, whispering in his ear that everything was going to be okay ( words that I actually didn’t believe). I was just trying to give him strength to fight this battle when strength was the only thing I didn’t own. He was still staying there, no moves, no reactions, no words, nothing, nothing to light my world again and bring back all our dreams. You know whats the hardest part? Not wanting to accept the reality. No, I couldn’t accept to see him that way, NO, it wasn’t fair. I was going crazy. In these last 2 days I had a lot of nervor crises and the doctors had to look a lot after me too. I lost the count of the     
depressant they gave me. I didn’t want to be drunged anylonger, I wanted to be clean for the moment he would wake up. Because he had to wake up, things were not going to end like this..not before it all started..

**** JADE   P.O.V****
During these days ,I never left Ev alone, even for a second. She was so weak and needed me like never before. She kept doing small walks in Conor’s room like a sleep-walker. I told her that I had to go home, have a shower,change my clothes and  come back. I was going downstairs when I spotted Robin in a corner. He was an old friend of mines since college but you know how life is, it always separate people and everybody had to find his own path to walk. I guess I had found mine. I was the main editor of “Unique” magazine, a very well known magazine about the show-bizz in UK. Meanwhile Robin was managing the most successful boyband of the world, One Direction. Actually, lately I was thinking to make them my magazine’s cover for a month, but with all what happened recently, I hadn’t had time for anything…Robin didn’t seem so happy and enthusianstic to see me, he was more like feeling uncomfortable and the big question was: why? He forced a smile when he saw me walking towards him, one of those “fake smiles” we use when we actually want to hide how we truly feel. When I was home before, I checked my mail and the latest news. Somewhere I read that the first concert of Take me Home tour was cancelled and the other dates were all postponed too. I searched for more details but I couldn’t find anything. Eventually Robin did an interview in which he declared that there was nothing to worried about and the fans should stay calm because everything was ok. It was all because of a very high amount of projects the boys where working on lately that  forced them to postponed the tour,all this sum to some technical stuff too that made it hard for the boys to start the tour and this was all. As I understood Robin had taken all the responsibility on himself . All this situation seemed weird. He looked pale and tired.
I could notice big dark cycles around his brown eyes maybe because of some sleepless nights. When I asked him what he was doing in the hospital and if everything was ok, he hurried to reply that it all was fine, he only was there to see a friend of his who was leaving the hospital that day. Robin's answer said nothing at all, no expressions on his face or in his words. But I had a lot things to deal with and Robin’s conditions weren’t my business. Anyway, you know how a reporter is, she never stops “investigating”..

*****           Harry P.O.V       *****
The lads talked me about the heart transplantation and I didn’t find it funny at all. Probably it was just another joke, but it was stupid, people don’t joke about such things. It’s true, lately I was in pain, pale and weak, but I was just tired, with some rest id feel like new. C’mon, I was just 19, heart transplantation? Where did this come from? Totally immpossible. Louis gave me details about my situation,he told me everything the doctor had said to them before. I laughed, but the expression of his eyes let me know it wasn’t a stupid joke. It was the reality, the unfair reality. I turned my head and looked all the lads in the eyes,one by one. None of them cought my eyes. I didn’t like that silence. Robin entered in the room.

Robin: Hello boys. Harry how are you today?

That was definitely a rethoric questions because he didn’t give me the time to answer.

Robin: The doctor gave me some good news I wanted to share with you guys. You are in the list of patients in need for this kind of transplantation.As soon as a doner that matches you will be found, better it will be. We cant postpone the concerts forever, we cant lie the fans forever.You know how they are, they know everything you do, what you are wearing and where you are almost before yourselves. Imagine the press, paparazzis, and magazines filling their stupid sites and papers with news about your illness. This would put your career in difficulties.

I noticed the lads getting nervous to Robin’s words. We all knew he was a professional,but between efforts to do his job perfectly, he sometimes forget his human part and it was scary.
I didn’t say a word but Niall couldn’t resist any more.

 Niall: I cant believe you are worried about the tour and not about his health. I don’t think you mean everything you said Robin.No , we are focused on Harry’s recovery and nothing else is more important than this.

The other lads were shaking heads to approve what Niall just said. But Robin didn’t do “the step back” everyone was hoping for. Sometimes I keep wondering if there is something more important in his life than his job. I wasn’t judging him, I never did, but I just couldn’t understand him. 

Robin: Lads  please, you know I didn’t mean that. Styles’ remedy is primary to me too,but the other things I talked about aren’t less important. The doctor said we’ll need to take you Harry to another clinic so you can be safe and unnoticed. And if we are lucky, you’ll do the transplantation there too. Ah, and something else boys. This all should be a secret between us and Harrys family ok?Noone should know about Harrys condition. Im determined to not let you ruin your brilliant future just because of some imprudence, is it clear?

 I wasn’t feeling so well. All this conversation made me even more sick. But to sum up, he was right,we needed to keep this secret otherwise, who was going to trust in me again? The tour would be ruined, what about our directioners? God knows,id never disappoint them,those who queue for hours and hours in the cold in the rain just to get a ticket to see up, those who spend sleepless night to support us on charts,those who gave us love and trust from the day one and made us live the dream. They are our world like we are theirs, we own them everything. Robin was our manager since 2years ago and we cant deny he’d done a great job, so maybe we should trust him this time too. So, we all decided to listen to him. As soon as a doner would be found,id move to another safer clinic. You know, people describe me like a solar person, very optimistic one, but who can maintain his positivity when he has been told he needs a heart transplantation? It’d be a miracle if they found a doner..but miracles do exist..i wanted,I needed to believe in miracles..


               ******       EV   P.O.V    ******

I felt so helpless. I took a small mirror from my purse and I was terrified from what I saw. No it wasn’t me the reflection I was looking at. I had never seen myself in such condition before. My eyes were flushing, they’d totally lost their brilliance. My hair, a messy ponytail, also were showing a minimum care for myself. A tear streamed down my face as I turned my head to see Conor, laying in his bed with no senses. My hope to meet his gaze on more time was fadeing hour by hour. After a few minutes Jade walked in. She told me the doctor wanted to talk to me in person. I got up lazily, I barely could stand in my feet, so Jade walked by me holding my hand.

The doctor was waiting for me in his office in the corner of the left side of the main hall, on the same ground where Conor was hospitalized. I knock on the door and walked in. A friendly voice invited me to sit. I was the Conor’s family since his parent died in a car accident,that was the reason why the doctor wanted to talk to me. He offered me a coffee and I didn’t refuse, I needed it to keep my eyes open after those sleepless night.As it seemed all these were attempts to make the conversation friendly and warm.

Doctor: I know this situation is hard to accept and to handle for everyone and I really appreciate the way you deal with it and how much you are doing to help him, but I have to be honest with you miss. His conditions are not fact somehow..things are going the wrong way..

Those words were like a knife in my chest. I slowly closed my eyes and opened them again, wishing all I was listening weren’t true.I wanred to say something but a lack of words didn’t let me say anything. I just stood there strugglening not to cry.The doctor continued.

Doctor: Miss Eveline, he suffered a clinical death this early morning  and there was nothing we could do about it. As you know his received shocks were strong and his conditions were unstable all this time since his arrival in hospital. Might even say it was a miracle that arrived here alive, but perhaps his physic and young age have helped.He has a very strong heart. I can imagine how much he was fighting for his life, but unfortunately..

My mouth took its O-shape unconsciously and I put my left hand in front of it trying to cover my reaction. The fear was written in my eyes and I put together some words..

Ev: Clinical death?? sorry doctor..what did you mean with that..oh im not understanding you..please doctor be more clear …

He was helding his breath like he was feeling my pain, but it was impossible. Nobody knew what I was going through..nobody could ever imagine..


Doctor: These equipment you see are all that keep the young boy in life. But there’s still life in him..

I had covered my head with my both arms crying desperately. I was powersless even to cry. But the last words got my attention.

Ev: Im sorry Doctor, what did you mean? Please im not understanding you..

Doctor: Miss, his heart still beats, its in very good conditions, the vital parameters are under control, undamaged by what happened.. Your fiancé can save someone’s life by donating his heart.

I got up like something pinched me, walking backwards and shaking my head shouting NO NO..NO..until my voice faded..

The doctor came closer, trying to calm me down. I was frozen. Probably id become like a statue, because I couldn’t feel my own body, I was standing there without moving. My vision suddenly got blurry. I could barely hear the doctor calling a nurse and ordered her to give me  tranquilizers. I don’t know how many hours I spent sleeping,but when I woke up I asked immediately to see Conor. The nurse allowed me. I found Jade standing near him. She was whispering slowly to Conor, like he was listening to every single word she was saying. I stood there for minutes, listening to her monologue.  She kept repeating Conot to not leave me, to not stop fighting, for our happiness. I couldn’t hold my tears and she noticed me crying there in the corner.

She tried to dry her tears with one hand, with the other one she kept holding Conor’s  hand. Her gaze on me made me feel lost, I wanted to disappear. There were only pain between us, nothing left to say

Jade: Are you feeling better Ev? Maybe you should have stood in bed for a few more hours you are so pale.. I had a conversation with the doctor, the same you had before you fainted…Lets go for a walk so you can get some fresh air ok?

I was so weak to speak, I just approved shaking my head. We slowly went out of the hospital and got into Jade’s car. She drived us towards the park. It was a warm sunny day but I wasn’t surprised I hadn’t noticed it before. These days were so rare to british people, so they tried to fully enjoy them. The grass was wet and beginning to turn slightly brown. The ground was covered with a blanket of colourful leaves that had fallen from the trees like snow, leaving the branches almost bare. Many people walked by the old wooden park bench that sat there in the middle of the park; some were in a hurry, off to school or work, others were slowly walking through the wide, cement walking paths. Me and Jade walked these paths years ago, when I decided to visit her..when I met conor. We simply enjoyed walking around together and opened our heart to one another. Today it was so different.  there were many things to enjoy at that park but not for me..not today..not after the bad news.. Jade interrupted my thoughts.

Jade: Ev, you know, you are not obligated to do it..i mean..the heart know Conor has nobody else,so you have to take this hard decision. I know its not simple and I know its not fair..but you have to make that decision Ev.

Jade: Do not forget that you choose to condemn someone to death or to give him/her a chance to see these colors, this sky, this sun you are seeing today..Ev,deep inside you know what Conor would choose if he could talk to you right now..he would never say NO to save a life,if he had the chance..and now, he had the chance..or better said,things are meant to be this way. Nobody can choose the destiny, we don’t know whats waiting for us outside

Ev: Save a life? No, you mean paying with his life and that’s completely different. *Ev shouted*

Jade: No ,giving life from his to the man/woman who still can be saved..Dont you understand? In some way Conor will keep living,inside someone’s else body.. That heart will keep beating, inside someone’s else chest who needs it desperately today, to reborn..Someone needs you today Jade,please.

Her words were touching and deep inside I knew she was right. But I was in pain,I couldn’t think as I should, tears were the only “answer” I gave to her. It was all over for Conor,I needed to accept that . But there always exist things that our hearts accept so much more later than our mind. He could save a life,he would have chosen to save a life..


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