Reborn to love( A Harry Styles fan-fic)

Hello guys! This is a Harry Styles fan-fic, a romance, a love story .Some things you should know before you start reading it:

1) Its not finished yet thats why it might have some errors in it also because english is not my language,so im waiting ur opinions and suggestions

2) some places are just in my imagination,some others are in london. Even the names or magazines,radios etc are invented.

. Hope you like it :)


4. Chapter 4

Meanwhile in O2 arena before the concert (Robin, 1D's manager )

I have to accept we all were so excited for the opening of TMHT,the second tour of our boys. It was planned to be just incredible,a worldwide success according to how fast had all the dates gone sold-out. I was their manager from the start  and all I wanted to do was to make them achieve the success their deserved,so I wouldn’t let anyone or anything ruin my work and messed with my goals.  Actually,during the sound-check we had some problems. Harry manifested problems in breathing regularly and chest pain. He seemed so pailed and tired even though he went on working hard with the other guys. We all adviced him several time to go for a check-up but he insisted that it was nothing serious and there was no time to loose. He was a hard-working guy,they all were. Their passion for the music was incredible.

Harry was very sensitive before the concerts the most of times, because he always looked for showing the best of himself up in the scene. So we all thought it was about stress and could we know how wrong we were?..

That morning , the guys got together to eat breakfast. They were so noizy and couldn’t stop talking about their first performance in TMHT. They had two or three hours free and then we all went to the arena to make sure everything was ok. The guys went to change clothes in the back-stage and get ready for their last soundcheck before the concert. I passed a few minutes starring at Harry.He could barely breathe,just standing in the corner of the room,pushing the left side of his chest with the palm of his hand. His eyes closed with force when I reached him. I put my hand on his shoulder trying to get his attention and asked him if everything was ok. Nothing. He didn’t reply,he just nodded his head and whispeared: Guys,I cant…

Immediately Zayn,Niall , Louis and Liam ran toward him. Including me,everyone on the backstage was on shock. Harry was laying on the ground  completely inconcious. I grabbed his wrist in my hand trying to find his pulse. It was so weak I could barely feel it on my thumb. The palm of his hand was still placed on his chest…Niall stayed there holding his other hand ,Louis went for his phone to call the ambulance while Liam and Zayn were throughing cold water at Harrys face. I had never seen the lads in this condicion,it all happened in a second…we all were shocked..


** Hospital, In Harry’s room**

The doctor had spent almost 20 minutes inside Harry’s room, but with no doubt they were the longest 20 minutes of our lifes. We all were waiting for him to ask about Harry’s health.The other guys had their eyes on tears and seemed tramped in another universe…

The door opened and a tall man walked out. Zayn noticed him first and ran towards the doctor. We all followed him.

Zayn: Doctor what happened? What is going on with our brother?

Niall: Is he ok? Can we see him now doctor?

Liam: Will he be alright? Everything passed now right?

Louis: Doctor please tell us everything’s ok,say something for the god sake..

The guys were all talking at the same time and the tall man was trying to listen to all their questions before answering.

Doctor: He is ok..for now. You told me before that this wasn’t the first time the young guy had these chest-pains. I don’t understand,why didn’t he come for a check?

Maybe if it wasn’t so late,things wouldn’t arrived at this point..

Robin: Doctor we aren’t getting it..can you please explain us?

The doctor took a minute to go on..

Doctor: We are doing all the analyses, a complete check out and special ones and we conclude that.. The young boy need a heart transplant as soon as possible,his heart is damaged and wouldn’t work properly anymore if we don’t do the right thing …im sorry..I’ll explain you all the details later..

The silence that the doctor’s words left behind was terrified…



*******              EV P.O.V   ********

I was sitting in the bar inside of the airport for more than ten minutes. The storm had started and I couldn’t wait for Jade and Conor outside so I decided to take a coffee. How strange,they were late. Well, I first thought that was because the terrible weather. Anyway, there was something that didn’t convince me at all. Conor had always been on time for our dates plus we had such a long time without seeing each other,so I bet he would come hours before me in this bar,waiting for me. I started to worry,something was going on ,I felt it and I couldn’t  stay calm. The fear grab me in its hands and I felt my palms going wet. This happens everytime im stressed..The ring of my phone made me tremble. I checked for it inside my bag and I read Jade’s name in the lightening screen.I hurried up to answer .

Ev: Jade? What happened Jade? Where are you guys, why aren’t you here?

On the other side of the phone, Jade was trying to control her tears and her irregular breath ,trying to speak with a secure tone , but her voice was trembeling,I understood it through those few words she said next.

Jade: Ev we.. Conor isn’t.. I am at the hospital Ev.

Ev: Hospital? What hospital,what are you talking about? What happened Jade ? Is Conor there with you? Are you guys ok? Please tell me..

I couldn’t hold back my tears anymore, something really bad had happened. My feelings never lied to me before and they didn’t even this time .

Jade: It was raining and a terrible storm started when we were driving to pick you up from the airport ..the thick fog made it difficult to see the road and..Conor lost the control of the car and crashed with another car coming towards us…Ev,call a taxi dhe come here,ill tell you everything here ok?

She gave me the address of the hospital and with my hands trembeling I wrote it in a piece of paper. I burst out crying so hard that I wasn’t able to hear anything. In a second all around me went dark, the world stopped in a minute and I felt lost; holding a terrible fear inside of my heart,I turned my head around. I felt so small in that big airport full of people, I felt so useless to protect the people I love, I felt like living a nightmare..But it was all real and reality hurts..

My mouth went dry and my tounge tighted up. Tears running down the cheeks could speak more than I could. Jade’s horrible words went like bullits  straight through my heart. I put down the phone without finished the call,I didn’t want to hear anymore..I could barely listen to Jade on the other side calling my name..

Jade: Ev? Ev are you still there? Please be strong sister,ill explain you everything as soon as you arrive here..

The line went down..


                    *****   JADE    P.O.V *****

I was shocked from all what happened in the last hours. I couldn’t even stay in a place for more than two minutes so I decided to walk around the hall of the hospital even though I had no strength to do anything. In my head,I was trying to put things together trying to figure out some reasons but I couldn’t concentrate on anything. All I was thinking about was Conor, laying unconicious in that room.The doctors went there like twenty minutes ago and nobody left his room since there . My phone rang. It was Ev,in fact I was waiting for her to come .Her voice was deep and with no feelings inside. She asked me about the floor number we were staying. I replied with a friendly tone,trying to calm her..Her imagine appear in a few minutes at the other side of the hall. Her dark hair covering her shoulders. From some meters away I could noticed her red-eyes from crying. In this distance her curvy-body seemed like a grain of sand in the desert,whose fate was depended from the wind’s direction. And in her life had been a lot of “wind”. She noticed me and started running towards me. I look straight into her eyes, they were begging for explenations. I had promised myself before id stay calm and act strong to support my best friends during this hard situation,but god knows it was so difficult. All the words I had planned to say got stuck and I went in a lack of words just looking at her transformed into a miserable person. Her innocent eyes made it hard for me to hold back my tears. I didn’t say any words,I choose to hug her instead of speaking. She loved to hug and be hugged, it was a way to show love and support to people without talking.  I felt her shaking inside my arms and her heart beating like crazy . Seemed like it was going to explode in a moment. Her strength had left her and she surrendered in this hug. We both sit in the corner of the hall and I started to tell her everything what happened. I am grateful to god for giving me the right strength to explain everything to her without crying, because I was there to support her not hurt her more.I told her everything…When we least aspected,the doctors went out from Conor’s room.





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