Heavenly whispers

Rosalie Moyer is a sixteen year old vampire who finally got out of vampire school. Now she has to face high school in a world full of supers. What will happen when she falls in love with someone forbidden or discovers a horrible truth that can change everything? If you want to know read and explore her mind while she suffers the normal life of a teenage girl.


1. Prologue

They live in a world that is unknown to them. In their world are creatures, which existence isn't known. I'm a part of the unknown world. My name is Rosalie Moyer and I'm a vampire. You know those books that are saying that vampires can't reproduce, well they are wrong. I was born like every other human, even if my parents are vampires. However, some books have the right or almost right facts about us. Like those Twilight books say, we don't' burn in the sun. But still we don't sparkle, we lose our powers if we stay too long in the sun. We do drink human or animal blood, but we also have to eat some human food or we can't continue living. Beside the super speed and superstrentgh we have special powers too. Some of those powers are hidden and we may think that we don't have them, but in reality we just didn't discover them yet. I'm one of those vampires who don't have a power. Well maybe I do or I don't. All vampires attend school. Before we go to high school, we have to go to the vampire school where they are teaching us how to control our thirst. It's not a pretty thing you know. I'm just glad that I'm over with this. This year when I turned 16 I was finally free and tomorrow I will be a junior at West Valley High School, Alaska. That means I have only two years left until graduation. Oh, I forgot to tell you that beside the humans and vampires there are also witches, ghosts, werewolfs and shapeshifters


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