Heavenly whispers

Rosalie Moyer is a sixteen year old vampire who finally got out of vampire school. Now she has to face high school in a world full of supers. What will happen when she falls in love with someone forbidden or discovers a horrible truth that can change everything? If you want to know read and explore her mind while she suffers the normal life of a teenage girl.


2. Getting started

Today I'm going to the West Valley High School as a junior. I can't wait. My mom already bugged me about grades. What is wrong with here. We literally didn't even start the school year. I went down to our dinning room, where my parents were eating their breakfast. »Hi, sweetheart. How are you? Today is the D day. « my father said to me. He was still in his pyjamas, drinking blood from his cup. »Hi, Dad. Mom. I'm okay, I guess. I just hope I won't mess up anything. « At that point my mom shouted » YOU WON'T! You had your training. Don't worry. « As always she completely misunderstood me. »I'm not worried about that. I might embarrass myself and then I will be marked as a loser for the rest of my high school years. « Both mom and dad burst into laughter. I've just rolled my eyes and quickly ate my breakfast. 
The school bus was almost here. I took my bag and went to the bus stop. In a few minutes the bus came and I hoped on. The smell of humans surrounded me. But luckily I was trained. There was another scent. A werewolf. I sat next to him. »Hi. How are you?. I'm Rosalie.» I smiled to him. »Hello. I'm Syn Mey. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. « He responded kindly. Syn seems as a nice boy. He sure looks cute. He has golden brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. His eyes are so beautiful. I can't stop staring at him. He is dressed well to. Skinny blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Over the T-shirt he has a red hood and a black jacket. He looks dreamy. »So... Is this your first time at West Valley High School? « I asked. »No. This is my fourth year here... Look why do we pretend to like each other. Our species don't like each other and neither do we. « Wow. Where did this come from. It's true that werewolfs don't like vampires and vice versa, but still that doesn't mean that every vampire has to hate werewolfs or vice versa. Or does it. We didn't speak another word from that point. The whole time we were driving to school I was thinking about his words. When we arrived I came to a conclusion: Syn is a jerk. I only wish I knew before I even spoke to him.
I brushed off my thoughts about Syn and went off to find my classroom. It took me a long time to find the classroom but nevertheless I found it. My first period was History with some guy called James Wimphrey. Why do I have a feeling that I met this guy before? Hmm. I thought to myself. When I walked into the classroom I felt a familiar scent rush through me. I couldn't place it right. That bothered me a little but I let it go. The teacher was already in the class. Luckily the hour still didn't start or I would be in for a lot of trouble on my first day. I sat down on the only free chair in the classroom. It was in the back of the room, next to a girl. She was distracted by her drabbling and didn't notice me when I came. The bell rang and the teacher began with his lecture. I needed to introduce myself. What a nightmare. I felt like I'm going to die right there. Which is kind of funny since vampires are almost indestructible. You know: »Live long, die hard. « The whole hour I was intensively staring at the professor. Something was off about him. He seemed too familiar, yet I couldn't remember if I saw him before. Strange. I also felt a strong connection with him. This made me uncomfortable. When the bell rang I almost sprinted out of the class. 
Only to bump into Syn. Perfect. The day couldn't get worse. »Watch your steps, bloodsucker. « The last word he said so silently that only I could hear it. Ugh. You annoying little mutt. He said something else but I choose to ignore his presence. I simply walked away leaving him behind with an angry face. Or was it more of a shocked face. While I was walking to my second period I sensed a presence beside me. I looked to my right to see the girl from History. »Hi. I'm Anna. Sorry, I didn't introduce myself before. I was a bit distracted. « She said. »No worries. I kinda figure it out. I'm Rosalie, but you know that already. « I smiled to her. »I saw you already met Syn. « She smiled. »Yeah, well what can a person do against the nature of a species. « I almost kicked myself in the gut for saying that before I smelled the scent. She was a shifter. »You are a shapeshifter.« This was more like a claim than a question. »And you are a vampire. I'm surprised that you didn't notice that before. As it comes down to Syn. He's not always like that. He can be a real sweetheart if he wants to. « I just looked at her in disbelief. Was she really talking about that Syn. »Don't look that shocked. Trust me when Syn sees what a good person you are, the fact that your species hate each other won't matter anymore. « I gave her a smile. Like that's ever going to happen. 
The rest of the day went quite well. I found a lot of new friends. Not all of them were supernatural. I wonder how many supers are at this school. Until lunch I already met four new supers. There was the warlock Avlon, who dated one of the twin ghosts Haven. Her sister is Sophie. They looked so much alike but were so different. The fourth one is Seth. He's a vampire like me. We immediately clicked. For lunch we all sat together. We talked, laughed and enjoyed our time. »Why is that Syn guy looking at you? « Seth asked me. I looked into the direction Seth had his gaze locked. »I don't know. Maybe because we had a bad start. You know the whole werwolf and vampire thing. « I watched Syn while I was speaking. I couldn't stop wondering why was he staring at me. »Ahh. I should have known. He and his gang always keep up with that hatred. « I confusedly looked at Seth. »They all are werewolves. « Is this school an attraction for suppers or what. I can't believe this. There's more supers than humans. »How many supers goes to this school? « I had to ask. »About a hundred. I think. « I widened my eyes. That much. Wow. Seth looked at me with sympathy. I gave him a small smile. I wanted to ask who was a vampire here, but the bell already rang. I guess I will just have to find out with my nose. Before we left our separate ways I agreed to meet Seth after school and walk with him to my home. It so happens that Seth also lives in that neighborhood.

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