Dear friends,

I just wanna talk to someone about this but I think nobody was being there for me. So, I guess I'll just write it here...


1. Dear friends,

Dear friends,

        I know you'll never see this unless I give you this diary link, but I'll never ever give you the link because I didnt want our friendship be ruin. You know, maybe someone will be understood and all. But here's what I felt. I actually has keep this to myself for a long time. Since I've moved. Ok let us start from beginning. I was forced to move to another school. Yes, it's the most painful thing ever. I am the shy type. I am not that friendly, so that I can't get friends that fast. I can't do anything. I had to move with my family because you know, specific reasons. The saddest thing is, my last day at those school was on Harry's birthday, yeap February 1. That must be a happy day because it's Harry's birthday. But, all that I can do is imagine my life at the new school. You guys gave me a farewell notes. When I was cried at the end of school, you guys showed me the farewell notes. I opened it and I'd saw my crush note aswell which said "goodbye". Although It's the shortest, it still makes me smile. I was happy when I read em, but sad inside. You guys were crying too and said "dont forget us ok, we'll miss you"

       But now, things changed. You guys arent you guys anymore. I'm the only whom has to text you guys first. It's totally hurts seeing you guys online on Facebook nor Twitter but you guys ain't talk to me. You guys didnt even ask me how's my life going, how's the new school, the new house. If I didnt text you guys till Im dead, I believe that you guys wont text me first as well. I mean, what's the matter if you guys text me first? Why is it always me to text you guys? And when I didnt text you guys, you guys said that I'm changed, I'm arrogant and all but why dont you guys make the first move for once? And yea, I'm curious about how it looks like when I'm not around. And yeah you said the same thing "I really miss you.!!" but babes, I trust actions not the only fcking words. And whenever I'm asking for a meet-up, you guys made so many ground. Like "I'm sorry babe, my mom wont let me" you're not even ask your mom bout the meet-up, and then you said that your mom wont let you. You guys dissappointed me like so much.... my boarding school friends were also like that. They promise me to call me and all but they dont. It really hurts.... do you guys feel me? :(

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