Gracie Andrews: Year 1

Harry Potter was the only one in history to survive Lord Voldemort, until now. Gracie Andrews was a witch. Her parents were killed by Lord Voldemort when he came to power again. When he tried to kill Gracie, failed. And, well, you know the story. Harry went to live with his muggle family. Though when Harry Potter heard of her story, he didn't want her to go through what he did so he took her in.


2. Her Song

"Did you guys like it?" I said after I finished my song.

"I loved it Gracie! You are so talented!" My mom told me.

"It was okay. But if you want to real music, listen to this!" My brother, Dave (he was in 7th year at Hogwarts). With a flick of his wand, music was blasting my ears out. Dave got up and was jamming to the music.

"TURN IT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mom screamed. He rolled his eyes and flicked his wand and the music went off.

"I liked it, Gracie. Your music always sounds great." My sister, Emily (she's 6), said smiling up at me.

"Thanks Em, want to help me make a video to put on YouTube?" I asked her.

"Yay!!!" She replied. We went upstairs and I grabbed my camera and my mic. Emily knew what to do so she kept yelling at me to hurry up as we raced down stairs and into the back yard.

"Ready Gracie?" Emily asked as she bounced up and down.

"Hmm, I think I  forgot hair and make up. On three. One, two, thr-" I started.

"Mom told me you guys were making a video. What about hair and make up?" My other sister, Bailey, said as she walked up to us with Marcie's Magical Lip-Gloss, Bart's Color Changing Blush, Bertie Blotts' Every Flavored Beans, and a lot more.

" Sit on the grass, Gracie and let the master get to work!" Bailey said.


 As soon as Bailey finished my make up, Jimmy ( my brother in second year) ran out and told us, "Guys you have to come inside. Dad's going to be home soon!" We all helped Bailey gather up her stuff and ran inside.



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