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so many one direction fanfics, I decided to write a union j fanfic.
Electra is the cool, edgy lead singer in indie band Flaming fate and George is in a band called Union j. At first it seems that they are complete opposites, but they soon discover they have a lot on common. This is my first fanfic, I'd be grateful for any comments! :)


1. George

Me and JJ are backstage getting our hair done for the reading festival. My stylist, jordan is trying to tease my hair into messy curls, but there's something wrong with the spray he's using, because my hair just flops stubbornly down. Jordan is new, so I try to look as if I'm calm and relaxed, but inside I'm practically shaking with nerves. And becoming very annoyed at the dogs dinner that he's made of my hair. I'm always very nervous before show, but this is the first time we peform at a show after the xfactor tour, and I seem to have practically forgotten what it's like. It's like my first audition, except now I have a stylist and many more people deciding for me what I wear and what I say. If I'm totally honest, it's a bit irritating. Then again, if they had let me decide, I would probably have worn my trusty jeans and white t shirt, and gone crazy when I saw the crowds, so it was good I had a outfit and general outline of a scrpit of what I had to say all prepared

"Oh hair..don't'll be done in just a minute" Jordan stumbles, leading me to wash my hair again.

"Don't worry about it, we still have an hour before the show," I say. When the manager sees the state of my hair, he'll probbaly just sack the poor man, so I might as well not give him any hate.

As Jordan busltes around the trying to find the shampoo bottles and all the different creams and whatever, it seems they use about thirty different creams on my poor hair now so it stands out in 'cute' curls, so now it feels all plasticy and fake, I get out my phone and text all the boys to say that i'll probably be running late for our before the show prep talk. Jordan chatters cheerfully, asking me all sorts of questions, hile he sets about trying to wash the muck out of my hair, he's quite good to talk to. He says he's got a little sister as well, around the same age as Harriet. I tell him she's actuall coming to the show, with a bunch of her mates. Harriet always has a crowd of her friends wih her wherever she goes, not like me. She's always been popular with her bubbly nature and being quite pretty, wheras I had always been a bit of a loner during my secondary shool years, hanging out with the geeks because they were the only ones who accepted me, although I never had a great interest in computers or learning. I never had any luck ith girls, until I came onto xfactor. Then for some reason, girls were screaming my name and girls were tweeting me non stop, I wasn't used to it, even after nearly a year.

I'm jolted out of my deep thoughts as a splash of water hits me in the eye, and I jump. "Sorry! OMG I am so sorry! I don't know..." Jordan looks really scared I'll shout at him. "Don't worry, it's ok." I sit up as he hurredly throws me a towel and shuffles off to grab some more. I let out a sigh. I know he was really nervous at his first job, but I was starting to be a bit worried right now. I ish I could just ask JJ's hairdresser to style my hair as well, but I really didn't want to hurt Jordan.

"30 minutes!" The speaker announces our time.

I'm going to have to do something. I'm just about to get up to ask JJ's hair stylist if he can do mine as well, when Kurt, our manager, walks in.

"Ok, so show is in 30 minutes, I need you all in the rehersal room..Wait, where the hell is George?"

"I'm here" I say, walking out of the shower room. As soon as they see me, Josh, laughs, Jaymi looks horrified, and JJ coughs and turns back to the mirror trying to hide his smirk.

"WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR??!" Kurt looks like he's swallowed 100 chillis, and I can't stop a giggle escaping from my mouth. "Where is that Jordan?" Kurt strides towards me and flicks a lock of my hair disgustingly. "Fred, you do george's hair, and quick!"

As I'm pulled towards a chair, Jordan appears, carrying a towel. I can tell from his embarraes expression he's heard the commotion in here.

"Could I have a word with you." Kurt says, clenching his fists. He points to the door, and Jordan scuttles after him, looking scared to death.

As soon as they're gone, Josh lets out a whistle and comes over to me, punching me playfully on the arm. "Someone's being told off" he grins.

"Josh, it's not funny, and now we won't have enough time to.." snaps Jaymi, glancing nervously at the big clock. Honestly, that boy does not know how to just relax!

"Jaymi, calm down. We've gone over our song like a thousand times, we'll be ok!" I laugh, then stop as I see the expression on Freds face. "George, this thing...what exactly did er Jordan use? It is impossible to get out!" He drags a bursh through my damp hair, and grabs the hairdryer. I check my messeges while Fred fights with my curls, and see that I have a messege from Harriet, saying she's here now and she cannot wait to see me.

At last, my hair is done and there's only five minutes left, just in time to get a coffee. Jaymi, of course, complaines that I might be late back and it's best if I just stay. I ignore him and go in search of the stall that sells drinks. Urgh, my stomach is fluttering and there's a lump in my throat, I'm that nervous. To be honest, even though I act all comfortable and happy in front of crowds, inside I'm actually a bundle of nerves. In fact, in my haste to get my calming down coffee, I've forgotten my wallet, and if I go back then there's no time. The girl serving drins has already started making it, so I don't know what to do. You idiot, I think.

"Here, let me get it" says a voice just behind me. I turn around. And stare. The girl standing in front of me looks striking, with her short messy black hair, a lot like alice in twilight, but the ends are purple, and match the purple eyeshaow she's wearing. She has really pretty amlond shaped eyes, framed by her the outragoes fake eyelashes. A cute upurned nose, and black lips. Everything about her is just crazy insane. The there's her clothes. It looks like a weird combo of slutty ballarina and emo goth. Black biker boots, fishnet tights, ballerina skirt and little black vest top thing...only complemented the outrageousness that was standing in front of me.

"Don't tell me your one of those guys who think a girl can't buy a guy a cup of coffee" she laughs.

" I mean sure. Thanks." Shut up now, I thought. Just shut up.Stepping in front of me, she gets two coffees and hands one of them to me.


"George." I say, extending my hand. When she just looks at me weirdly, I blush and put my hand down. Too late I can see she has her hands full, great.

"Electra, everyone calls me Lex. You're performing at the festival and all yeah?"

"Yeah, I'm with my er band, Union J."

"Oh, yeah I think I've seen you on some posters. Well, cool! I'm with a band as well, Flaming Fate. I'm lead singer." Lex takes a sip of her coffee. Her black lips remain unsmudged.

"Oh wow, you were in the top charts this week! That's real amazing, hey, I thought I'd seen you from somewhere."

"Hahaha well nice to meet you george! We're on first, I think we'd better get back!" Lex swishes round and runs to the door. Before she opens it though, she turns and smiles. "See you!"

I turn and start walking towards our dressing room. So that was where I'd seen her, only yesterday Josh was listening to one of their albums.

It was like a whirlwind, and I was still feling just a littel bit intimidated, she was the lead singer of one of the hottest new bands and I didn't know who she was despite about to play at the same show as her.

But I need to concentrate on this festival now. Union J were on second to last, so I didn't know if I'd even get to see her again. That thought made me break a little.















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