Woman In Black

This is a piece of writing I had to do for an English assessment, so I thought I'd upload it to Movellas and see what everyone thought of it. My task was to watch a short clip from the film and write my own version of it. I've never really written horror so if its rubbish that's the reason why


3. The dream

I found myself in a different room, this one barely lit, but I could see. It was filled with papers, a mirror and toys that had once belonged to a child but had been untched for a while. Most were covered with cobwebs, but it was the eyes that caught my attention. They were all made of glass, but were black and cold. And they were watching me.

As soon, as I thought that, it seemed ridiculous. Toys couldn't watch me. Could they?

Movement to my left brought my attention to the mirror. I saw a figure, dressed in black and I turned to see the back of her.

At first I was curious. Who was she? I followed her as she moved down a thin corridor towards a second person, again whom I saw from the back. He was hunched over a table covered with paper, but he was asleep rather than looking through them.

 A dog sat on the floor beside him, alert as if something was there he didn’t like. The woman was drawing closer to the man but her footsteps strangely made no sound underneath her dress.

A strange, inhuman sound seemed to be coming from her throat. Mixed with a gurgling like the last drops of water down a plughole and whispering, the whispered words were the quietest sound and what they were I couldn’t tell

She had nearly reached the man. The dog began to growl slightly at her approach. A hand protruded from her body and reached out. It was about to touch his shoulder when I realised who she was. When I realised who the dog was. When I realised the man in the chair was me.


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