Woman In Black

This is a piece of writing I had to do for an English assessment, so I thought I'd upload it to Movellas and see what everyone thought of it. My task was to watch a short clip from the film and write my own version of it. I've never really written horror so if its rubbish that's the reason why


4. Photograph

I woke to the sound of growls and barks from Spider, the dog behind me. I felt an icy cold wind behind me and turned around…

There was nothing behind me. It was just a dream that I had been foolish enough to believe. Not real. Just a dream.

But why then was Spider barking?

Wanting to get out of the house as soon as possible, my gaze returned to the piles of papers in front of me. Was there a way that when I left I could take it with me? Then I could simply go through it all back at the Daily’s house without coming-

I froze for a brief second, then my hand grabbed the photograph I had dropped when I first fell asleep.

It had been almost pristine, with Mrs Drablow, Mr Drablow and Nathaniel Drablow in front of the house. But it had changed.

The faces of Mr and Mrs Drablow had been violently scratched out. A figure had mysteriously appeared looking out of the window of the house, a young woman who looked not unlike Mrs Drablow. But there was one single difference that made fear run through my veins and spread across my whole body.

Nathaniel Drablow was missing.


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