Woman In Black

This is a piece of writing I had to do for an English assessment, so I thought I'd upload it to Movellas and see what everyone thought of it. My task was to watch a short clip from the film and write my own version of it. I've never really written horror so if its rubbish that's the reason why


5. Noises

Gone completely from the photograph. But how? And why?

A sudden noise startled me out of my thoughts and made me jump to my feet, like a rocking chair moving backwards and forwards. But I was the only person in the house! It wasn’t even Spider, if such a thing was possible. He was by my feet. Who could be making that sound?

It was coming from a room to my right. My footsteps echoed loudly as I walked curiously, but half in fear, towards the sound. I found myself in a long, thin corridor which had a staircase going down to the front door. My feet moved slowly towards the noise, I felt a foreboding dread in my stomach. The creaking sounds were getting louder and louder as I got closer. Then I realised where it was coming from.

A little room down the end of the hall. I had no idea what sort of room it was, whether kitchen or bedroom. Or maybe it was just another room filled with papers, like an office.

I was now very close to the room and my hand told hold off the door knob. Terror filled me as I wondered what I would find inside.

I steadied myself to open the door and twisted the handle furiously. It was locked! Anger took over from fear, and I half- ran back down the corridor and then down the staircase looking for something that I could force the door open with. My eyes fell upon an axe. I wasn’t sure why it was there, but I grabbed it and ran back up to the corridor. I froze.

The door was unlocked and open.

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