Family Feud

my name is Lexi, my mum had a best friend called Karen Payne, until one day one girl changed that, I was 11, from then on they never talked again, she had a son, I never met him, I remember Karen, I used to love her, Karen used to me, she kept telling me when I met her son she wanted us to like each other coz we were 'perfect', after this argument, my mum told us we had to move from where we were, we moved to the other side of Wolverhampton, 6 years later and I love a boyband, One Direction, my mum hated them, I have no idea why, an old friend where we used to live asks me to babysit, when she invites her cousin to come round things start to change, will Karen and my mum ever make up? will I ever meet Karen's son? if I do will I fall in love? or will we be forbidden because of the family feud? ps there will be a little swearing, but not much :)


16. wow

Lexi's point of view

I heard Liam smacking the alarm off,

"well, someone's a little cranky" I chuckled,

"well, I hate alarms" he laughed,

"cmon lets get up" I laughed nudging Liam a little, he groaned but rolled out of bed, what a douche,

we got the kids dressed and Liam actually fed Lily this time, it was cute to see, I got the kids ready and after a struggle of getting them all out of bed, I had to bribe them with sweets after school, that's how bad it was, but it was fine, we haven't treated them yet, anyway I got them ready and eventually at 8:30 they were ready,

"here you go" Liam smiled handing me Lily, our arms brushed and my stomach turned,

"thanks" I smiled, trying to hide the feeling,

he went out and got the kids to school, an hour later of having Lily be sick on me Liam had finally arrived again,

"hey" he smiled when he walked through the door,

"hey" I smiled back,

"so what do you fancy doing" Liam asked me,

"not got a clue, film I suppose" I smiled,

"sure, can we pwease watch toy story" he begged, I laughed,

"of course" I chuckled, he put the film in and we sat down next to each other to watch it,

knock knock knock

"ill get it" Liam said, he paused the film and got up,

"ive just remembered, my mums supposed to be coming" he gasped,

"oops we forgot" I laughed,

"to must be her at the door, switch the film off" he said and walked to the door, so I did as I was told

"hey mum" he laughed, "yes she's here"  he sighed, I chuckled, and the door came open, I spun around, and gasped, she was the least person I expected to see,

"Lexi?" she questioned,

"Karen" I gasped,

"wait....have I missed something" Liam interrupted,

"Liam, she was the girl you were supposed to be meeting the day me and her mum had an argument" she said,

" mean Liam was the one I was going to meet before my mum forbid me" I asked

"yes dear" Karen said,

"wow" Liam and I said together

"my mum really misses being friends with you" I said as she came and sat on the coucj opposite me while Liam sat next to me,

"I miss her to, but she shouldn't have cheated" she says,

"she didn't cheat" I sighed,

"lets not get into that, how have you been, both of you" she smiles,

"great, we've been working as a team, right Lex" Liam says, I smirk,

"Lex?" I chuckle, "and yes we have" I smiled,

"uhh.. sorry" Liam blushes, I chuckle,

"awww, dont you two look cute together" Karen interrupts,

"did you get that from mine or your mum before we met" Liam sighed,

"yes unfortunately" I chuckled,

"wow, this is so weird, and wow, you've grown so much, and your so pretty" Karen smiled, I went shy, and so we started catching up

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