Family Feud

my name is Lexi, my mum had a best friend called Karen Payne, until one day one girl changed that, I was 11, from then on they never talked again, she had a son, I never met him, I remember Karen, I used to love her, Karen used to me, she kept telling me when I met her son she wanted us to like each other coz we were 'perfect', after this argument, my mum told us we had to move from where we were, we moved to the other side of Wolverhampton, 6 years later and I love a boyband, One Direction, my mum hated them, I have no idea why, an old friend where we used to live asks me to babysit, when she invites her cousin to come round things start to change, will Karen and my mum ever make up? will I ever meet Karen's son? if I do will I fall in love? or will we be forbidden because of the family feud? ps there will be a little swearing, but not much :)


17. uh ohh

Liam's point of view

I cant believe it, Lexi was the girl my mum was ALWAYS on about, she always used to say 'you were really close when you were little' and 'you two would be so cute together' and when my mum said that Lexi's mum had forbid any of our family to see her, I know I never met her but It broke my heart, im so glad though, its so weird though,

"so let me get this straight, Lexi was the girl you said I was cute with and you wanted me to be best friends with" I cleared up,

"yes love" my mum chuckled,

Lexi and me looked at each other, awkwardly smiled and turned back to my mum,

"Liam, Lexi has grown into a pretty young woman, and well, I know how she is, she's a lovely girl, take her out on a date" my mum said,

"muuum, I only met her 3 days ago" I laughed rolling my eyes,

"and Lexi, my Liam will treat you right, ill make sure of it, plus i've raised him right anyway, so no worries there love" my mum grinned, oh geez could she get more embarrassing,

"muuum" I sighed,

"what, I was just saying you two should hook up" my mum winked, I rolled my eyes and sighed,

and so my mum and Lexi talked and caught up with whats been happening,

"so what shall we do now" I asked once we had finished talking

"what about Liam sings a song" my mum suggested,

"sure, if he wants to" Lexi replies,

"he will, do you like their band" my mum asked, I smirked,

"shut up" she scowled at me and playfully hit me,

"hey" I laughed,

"yes I do" she smiled at my mum

"that's good, now Liam could you sing now" my mum asked me

"sure, what song" I smile,

"why don't we let Lexi pick" my mum said turning to Lexi,

"ummm.... More Than This please" she smiled sweetly,

"your request is granted" I smiled and got my guitar out and started singing

'im broken, do you hear me, im blinded, coz you are everything I see'

"wooooo" my mum and Lexi cheered,

"great job son" my mum said proudly,

and so we talked for a bit until we heard the doorbell ring,

"ill get it" I smiled, they nodded and I opened it

my smiling mouth was soon turned upside down, and then into a shocked face..............

IM SOOOOO SORRY, I didn't update yesterday, I was doing a chapter at 1:00am and I 'saved it' but when I got up this morning it was gone so I couldn't im sooooo sorry, I hope you can forgive me :)

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